Back After a TBreak

Discussion in 'General' started by MDpothead, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Aghhh after about a Three Week T break I smoked today I smoked about one bowl of mids and was stoned retarted the T break really worked for me Anyone here who has took a t break how long was ur break and how did it affect you?
  2. I take a 2 week T-break every even numbered month. Keeps my tolerance decently low.
  3. I took a one month T-break, and got an eighth to smoke all in one night. rolled about 4 joints i think it was, and went to my driveway to hotbox my car. I was way too stoned after one joint and went inside and enjoyed my high
  4. haha i planned on smoking alot and i just passed out way to soon lol:smoke:
  5. I don't believe in t-breaks, I love smoking, I smoke the best I can as often as I can. If it's dry or I'm broke or it's not ready I use that time to lower my tollerance. If you mix it up or do things you wouldn't normally do you psychologically fell less high, things become redundant, you get into the act of smoking rather than feeling it out. If you smoke the same amount and went to class or to court, you would sure as hell feel high.

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