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Back after a T-Break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by acousticjams, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, started another college semester a few weeks ago so I took a couple weeks off from blazing to make sure I started the year right. Weed typically doesn't affect my school work but sometimes it can be a distraction. I guess more or less time management is easier when I'm not looking to blaze during the day. And for all those who say weed and good grades don't mix, not trying to brag, but i maintain a 3.6 GPA which I'm very proud of. All while enjoying the herb now and then. moderation is best! anyways back on to what i posted for. Next Friday, I'm heading home and deff looking to spark up with a good friend of mine. Prob gonna buy an 1/8 for the night for the two of us. Mix in some beer pong and flip cup too for good measure :). Jw because neither of us have a piece and and we would like to smoke a couple times during the night and would rather not twist up a couple dutchies. I was wondering for those of you with experience, what would be the best piece for this. I have a little cigarette shop near my house that has a decent selection of pieces. From bowls to dugouts to steamrollers to bongs. you get what im saying. Anyways, whats a good piece for two kids to share for a night. I'm leaning to one of the cheaper bowls he has or one of the glass onehitters/chillums. The bowls are actually pretty decent and there only 8 bucks. prob holds about a .5 in the bowl. kinda thin glass but once they get resined up they are nice and solid. handy little piece. ( i actually had one months ago but disposed of it before i went to college, kinda wishing i put it somewhere safe.) anyways i liked that bowl and he has more of that exact one. or i was going to go with one of the glass one hitters. dont pack as big of bowl but deff a handy little piece. how do you guys feel about them?

    thanks guys, and happy blazin
  2. You might as well spend 30-40 bucks on a nice bowl for future use. A spoon would work best, but a bubbler is a luxury, and you might find a small one for a good deal.

    Either way, spend some money for future use.
  3. You can't go wrong with a spoon.

    Cheap, reliable, efficient.
  4. I actually had a really nice Sherlock bubbler about a year ago. one of my favorite pieces. Was all rasta colors. gave it to my old brother because he loved it more than i did. idk spent $60 on it but i know its in a good home. and he is always willing to smoke me up out of it because i gave it to him. thanks for the input.
  5. To be honest if you're just looking to blaze for one night i'd cop 2 apples or something and just smoke out of them versus buying a piece that you only want for one night.
  6. ive smoked my fair share of apple bowls. but i reasoned with myself that making two apple bowls is actually prob more of a hassle (if you can even call it hassle). how aboout less convienent than splitting a small bowl at $4 each. so i think im going to go with that. and you can say an $8 spoon isnt a nice peice. but the one i had before. i had for 5 months and smoked my fair share out of it. actually became a great piece and i too was skeptical when i bought a spoon for 8 dollars.
  7. If you live in a dorm or anywhere you need to keep the smell down (let's be honest, it's an illegal substance so discretion is the name of the game), I'd recommend getting a Vaporizer. I use my VaporGenie almost every night. When combined with a sploof I have zero worry about smell, and it's a healthier way to smoke. It's more of a clear headed high, which might appeal to you as a fellow college student; I don't get that muted feeling when I smoke a bunch in a few days or so.

    I got mine for 60 bucks, but I feel it's saved me a large portion of money on what I spend on weed.

    You can only order it online, though, so if you need it quickly and money is limited, I'd go for a small pipe or bubbler. You can get either for pretty cheap and any headshop. I dig a bubbler more because it's basically a mini-bong. The portability of a pipe with the water filtering and smoother hit of a bong:smoking:
  8. I have looked into vapes for future toking. Deff something i'm interested in. Haven't gotten much information about them though. Like i know how they work. But kind of want some statistics. Like how do you feel about putting a gram of some headies through your vape. or rolling the headies and smoking it to your head. i know you prob wouldnt vape a gram to your head in one sitting but how would you compare the two. what im trying to say is. would you say .5 of vaped weed is equivalent to that 1 gram head blunt?
  9. I'd get a cheap 20$ glass spoon
  10. I rarely smoke blunts or joints, but i do know that they burn the hottest and therefore destroy much of the thc in cannabis. The Vaporizer heats the plant matter to the temperature at which THC burns, so it delivers the purest THC that you can smoke, and you get the most out of your weed. If i just smoke a couple bowls in the vape at night, I can make an eighth last several weeks, and be perfectly content with how high I get. I used to smoke a lot, but I've been conserving lately. Still 2 bowls at night gets me plenty high

    Smoking at my parents house has never been easier to do. I never worry when I use a sploof in conjunction with the vape.

    I also have vaped at work many times with it, and I never have any issues there either. The VG is not the best overall vape, but it is the best for portability and it's the cheapest one you'll find that works. I just has a bit of a learning curve, as you use a lighter to heat the ceramic and you can burn it if you aren't careful.

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