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    I wasn't a real active member here when I was here a couple of seasons back so many of you may not even remember me but I am hoping to learn some more this season as I didn't grow last season, at least not cannabis, just peppers mainly. :)
    I ordered some seeds and have never grown Cannabis from seed so any tips would be cool.
    I have a Charlies Greenhouse propagator that I start all my pepper seeds as well as tomatoes, flowers, etc. so I thought I would put the Cannabis seeds in it as well. Anyone else grow this way?

  2. Welcome back. I suggest reading a grow bible or two. They have a lot of valuable information. I still use min on occasion to refresh my memory on certain aspects for growing. What are your plans for your next grow?
  3.  Thanks Kronicly. :)
    I have a couple of books on growing that I am going to brush up on.

    I ordered some seeds from Attitude that I am waiting on now for my outdoor grow this season. I ordered:

    DNA Genetics Seeds Holy Grail Kush Feminized Medical Seeds Sour Diesel Feminized
    Humboldt Seed Organization Blue Dream Feminized
    Sensi Seeds Big Bud Feminized

    These two were free with the order:

    Dinafem Seeds California Hash Plant FEMINIZED Dinafem Seeds Critical + AUTOMATIC 
  4. Your propagator should work fine...I've grown sour d and blue dream before and they will get tall outside just fyi...good luck!!
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    Thanks bro I am getting stoked already and I am no kid. :)
    I have grown Lavender, Agent Orange, Sour Diesel, XJ13, and Casey Jones outdoors but they were all in 5 gallon nursery pots. I am thinking of using those 17 gallon plastic totes with the rope handles on them this season. Too big?
    When do you think I should start the seeds?
    I have only grown cannabis from clones so how long before planting outdoors is new to me.
    Since April is when we put them outside in containers I was thinking the end of February or beginning of March? I don't have anything but 6500k fluorescent shop lights for seedlings in the garage so I can't have them under those too long as they don't produce enough light for more than a few weeks for seedlings.
  6. Nice strains, I have grown sour d and blue dream. Blue dream likes to stretch once switched to flower and produces big solid buds. I am also growing Holy Grail Kush. Mine is 2 weeks old. Check out my indoor grow journal. I have read that it's a great plant for beginners and experienced growers.
  7. Thank You my friend.
  8. Mike.. It looks like your about to make the same mistake I made last summers grow season by starting to early..
    A couple of key points.. Clones are sexually mature and will flower at the drop of a hat.. Or anything close to 14.5 hours of light..
    Last week of May or the 1st of June to avoid early flowering and a reveg plant.. And what you set out needs to be time matched to outside as well .. Usually a 16-8 time set is matched for most of the northern hemisphere for end of May..
    Seeds can be bare planted outside about a month before that as it take a seed about 30 days to mature..
    You can start early but you'll need to hold your plants in veg stage till June 1st more or less...
    Now if your far enough south and have a warm mild spring you can sneak in an early spring crop and take clones in time for a full summer run.. Veg up some 2 ft plants under your shop light and toss them outside to flower..  As long as they don't freeze you can get some spring bud..
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    Brassnwood, I am planning on germinating them the first week of March and setting them outside in their final pots around 4-20. Is that too early? In the past I put clones out in April and harvested in October. Can't I start my seeds in March and put them out around 4-20? ;)
    This is my first time starting with seeds and not clones.
  10. If that early has worked for you in the past then It should work now.. Sure start your seeds a bit early.. It's also a strains thing as well.. Some strains are more sensitive to flowering cycle while some sativas won't flower for another month and take 3 times as long to finish..
    I know now that part of my early flowering was caused by coming out of a 24-0 light cycle.. Something I later turned to my advantage but that is a whole threads worth of topic..
    This spring I plan on setting out plants about a week apart to get a better idea on just when my own clones do best for my own micro climate..
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    I am open to starting them whenever is best so those dates in the past are not written in stone.
    Maybe early May would be better I don't know.
    What part of the country are you in?
  12. Mike.. I'm in coastal Southern California.. Well I wrote out a long reply but it all got wiped out when I tried to post it.. All that auto saved was the 1st 3 words.. I'll try again later when I'm not so annoyed at the web site.. in the meantime have a look over my thread for some ideas if you want..
  13. Thanks BNw. I talked to a friend and he concurred with what you said so I think I will wait until May1st to put them out.
  14. Mike.. I've cooled off a bit.. Damn I hate when 4 paragraphs of text just vanish into the internet never to be seen again.. I should know by now to copy my text before trying to post as this happens all to frequently..
    The 1st of June date and the time matching of 16-8 or 15-9 is for the Nor Cal latitude so being further south we can start a week or 2 sooner my stoner brain says..
    Just about a year ago now I built my 1st starter-veg box.. Picked up my 1st few clones and started down this road that led me to my current full time outside grow.. Between what I didn't know then and what I've learned since my early mistakes showed me what could be done outside in my mild winter temps.. I basically veg to 2 feet in CFL boxes and use outdoor as my flower room..
    3 weeks or so from a cutting to a well rooted clone.. 4 to 6 weeks in my veg boxes.. Outside for 70 days or more depending on strain.. Coming from a 24-0 light cycle everything flowers from the light shock even in summer.. something I'll have to run timers this spring to avoid.. While I'm just a couple of miles from the ocean with it's moderating temps I have 2 friends growing in the inland valleys of So Cal where we do get some frosty nights and their winter grows are doing ok as well.. They just covered the couple cold nights..
    You may be in an area where you can run a spring crop of clones if you start them ASAP..
  15. I agree with Brass about waiting to put them outdoors. Just wait until the mid May. Until then keep them vegging indoors. Last year u has two plants reveg and it killed their yield. They both where clones. My seeds where ok. I put them out last year at then end of Apr. a few more weeks indoor would have prevented this.
  16. So putting them out mid May will still be an October/November harvest?
  17. Ya you're still gonna harvest some time between late Sept to early Nov...I like to make sure I'm getting at least 15hrs of daylight and night time temps over 45 and you'll be fine...consider building a little cheap veg box...I put out l8 April to early May depending

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