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Back After a 2 Month T-break!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMunchinPanda, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Bros. :D Do I have a story for you!

    So I haven't been able to smoke because I quit my shitty job to get a better one and wasn't sure if I would need to drug test for a new one. I haven't smoked in 73 days :eek: but today, I got a job. I start Friday. I was home within 15 minutes after the interview and ran into John and Jane (who knew I hadn't smoked in months and were waiting til I got a job to smoke with me again) and we got to work.
    Packed a huge bowl of headies no name strain, about 5-6 hits each. I'm sitting there slowly fading, remembering the feelings, laughing at myself and anything else. Man, how I missed it. Anyway, we get done and John and Jane go to leave and coming running back up the stairs, all paranoid, "Dude, the cops are outside!" They're writing down my girl's car's license plate, looking inside it, weirding us out even more.
    Well, John has a prior or two and just got out of court not even a month ago so he was super paranoid and worried that we were to loud or someone smelled it outside (granted, I was ready to piss myself as well), but the cops weren't there for us! There has been a guy the past couple weeks stealing things from unlocked cars late at night on our street, my girlfriend's car was one of the victims.
    We didn't know this and me and John are blowing up my girlfriend's phone not knowing she was already talking to the cop. They were going door to door down the street asking routine questions.:hello::hello::hello:

    tl;dr got super high, cops came, turns out they weren't there for us

    ps going to smoke some more at a buddies in the woods!:smoke:
  2. How did the cops react to your stoneyness?
  3. Haha damn man what a way to get back. Happy tokes
  4. Hahahaa, glad to you have you back, my man. Solid story. Stay positive, man.

  5. We never had to talk to them. My girlfriend, who doesn't smoke, had it covered.

    BUT I have to continue my story.

    We get to my bud's house and one of my other friends walks up to me and tells me that they have been yelling, "Omg we're so stoned" and, "Let's burn the brush down" and, "Man what if we burn down the whole woods!?" (we built a "fort" out in the woods, it's got a fire pit, a ceiling, a bar, a beer pong table. Shit's legit) so anyway. Apparently since they were yelling this, my friends parents were on the porch and heard them say this, so right off the bat I'm paranoid lol
    So we hit some bongs and a gravity bong and I swear I was hearing sirens of fire trucks. Paranoid the shit out of me lol no one else heard them so I told myself it was my imagination/paranoia getting the best of me. Kinda helped but not really.
    Then my other friend picks up a tiki torch (sp?) and starts walking towards the brush. I was like alright, I'm outie lol don't know what happened after that. Hopefully no one died. lol

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