BabyCows Stealth PC Grow From Bag Seed ~Grow Journal~

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by babycow420, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Hey guy's this will be my first attempt of growing some good old MJ. I have been doing some research on grass city for a while about micro grows and have now decided to try one myself. 
    I will be growing in a PC case out of a solo cup. Using two 64 watt 6500k daylight CFL bulbs for the veg stage. I am also going to LST and top my plants to keep them bushy short and maximize yield.
    DAY 1
    This is my stealthy for the pc
    2014-01-15 21-45-21.799.jpg
    This is the reptile tank open
    2014-01-15 21-47-49.818.jpg
    Inside PC box itself
    2014-01-15 21-46-41.484.jpg
    One day old sprout
    2014-01-15 21-46-57.729.jpg
     I will keep you guys posted on the status of my grow Thanks!!

  2. Hey dude, I will follow your log. I'm doing the same thing right now and i will compare, everything looks nice ! 
    Keep it up  :smoke:
  3. Thanks man i am doing my best hoping for a girl ill keep you updated.
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    Ok so this is day 2 of sprout. Also i have added a 32 watt daylight CFL 5000k spectrum bulb. I also have a question about my CFL's.
    I have two 26 watt bright white CFL's as well as the 32 watt daylight CFL, well i was wondering if i should keep or lose the 26 watt bright white bulbs considering i only have one plant. I understand i should only be using daylight type bulbs. but money does not grow on trees right? 
    2014-01-16 17-53-03.255.jpg 2014-01-16 17-52-40.774.jpg
  5. I think should let it there. I know these are better for flowering, but i think it can only help because it's more light. That's just how i feel it, im a beginner in mj growing but maybe one of those kick ass growers will come to answer your question. I hope :p
  6. UPDATE: so i got a temp and humidity gauge temp is like 85 so i am going to put frozen water bottles in there humidity is at 45 on point i believe. 
    Day 3 after sprout 2014-01-17 21-14-39.189.jpg
  7. Nice mate I'll be watching ;) good luck !Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. I'm so excited to compare my grow vs yours, what's the height of your case ? 
  9. Def staying on this bro I'm currently working on a PC grow box but only have one 26w cfl and don't know if it will work for know
  10. Haha so many people have started doing them it's awesome ;)
    Mines 560mm tall 560 deep and like 230 wide :) millimeters.
    Hope it goes well mate :)
  11. Subbed, another imminent PC case grower here!Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  12. Hey sorry guys for no replies my notification thing didn't show them? lol, anyway my case is 17 inch by 17 inch, pretty small but with plant training i can manage.
    Might post a pic of the plant later tonight when lights come on but only if theirs a noticeable change.
  13. I got pretty much the same dimensons, 17" X 16", i think wth lst we will be alright.
  14. sweet, good to know someone is in the same boat.
  15. UPDATE: Day4
    So i made some changes today,
    i noticed the water bottles are not keeping the PC cold enof.
    So first i moved the plant to the intake side of the box.
    Then i moved the bright white CFL's to the outtake
    side and moved my 5000k 32 watt daylight bulb to the  Intake / plant side.
    2014-01-18 23-50-29.189.jpg
    I have also placed the intake facing the outside of the reptile enclosure to get more fresh air from outside the reptile enclosure.
    2014-01-18 23-51-47.739.jpg  
    Now have thermometer and hydrometer set up next to plant for best readings.
    2014-01-18 23-50-15.394.jpg
    Note temp looks correct in picture, WRONG. the pc was open 5 minutes... set back to room temp,
    also how do i increase humidity without a humidifier?
  16. If you have a cup of water in the PC, I'm pretty sure that will raise the humidity. :)
  17. Thanks b0nne ill give that a try. Someone suggested a damp washcloth on the bottom of the PC, any thoughts? i am thinking Bactria.
  18. No idea man haha sorry :p
  19. Instead of a washcloth use a Sponge.
  20. Or a Dixie cup full of wet perlite.

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