baby sprout in jiffy pellet. I need help

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    Hey everyone. I have a lowryder#2 that sprouted in a jiffy pellet. I am amazed at its size. It cracked open on saturday and this is what she looks like now. I wanted to know what to do with it next? I do let it grow more in the pellet till roots show out the sides or bottom? Do I keep her in a dark warm place alittle longer, how much longer? I do plant it in soil now? any help would be great. I dont wanna lose this one. My Plant Grow 004.jpg

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  2. It should have been under light. Put it under light. Nothing to intense.

    You can keep growing it in the jiffy pellets, but putting it in soil wouldn't hurt.
  3. get it under a blue frequency colored cfl (a pair of 23watters will do for now) and would get it into at least a solo cup with some good fluffy soil.
  4. yep thats what I did. thank you.

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