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Baby shit weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HungryHippoz, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. The best kind of weed out there is the kind that smells like baby shit when you open up the bag
  2. I thought this was gonna be about your baby shitting out some dank nugs
  3. If it smelled like shit I would refuse that shit.
  4. Oh my god that would be amazing I would smoke that shit
  5. @muney420 Are you talking about the shitted out weed or the baby shit weed
  6. I love the smell of weed, but I hate the smell of baby poo. So I've my doubts xD
  7. I got some shit for you. Don't worry about what it looks like.. trust me it is good.
  8. Well thats weird. I like my weed to smell like marijuana
  9. I had a similar thought when opening a few bags of dank bud, except they don't smell like shit directly. Its more that 'take your breath away' musty scent.. perhaps thats what he was trying to explain.
  10. I've smelled weed like that before, I laughed in the collective. walked out
  11. "smells like baby shit, that's some dank ass weed"
  12. there a strain called shit,sold by mrnice seeds.
  13. Don't drank Cristal no mo just pour it on white bitches heads. I smoke a ounce I got that bounce I got that pogo-flow.
  14. i'll shit on your chest and you can smoke that my friend.

  15. I go out the country to get all my clothes & my hoes, I go out my way, just to get my Dro & my dough, cause I love it more than I love my hoes, yes I does.
  16. Very true brotherrrrrr
  17. I ride around with no tint I around with no tint I around with no tint, so all these bitches can see me.
  18. My girlfriend's girlfriend OOOH they don't like me
    See me with a chick they like OOOH that ain't wifey
    Lookin at my feet these shoes they ain't Nike
    Man don't even ask, OOOH them things pricey
    Chick's baby fathers OOOH they wanna fight me
    Jewelry out the freezer OOOH a ***** icey
    Her coochie ain't right, OOOH It's a crisis
    Smellin like fish, OOOH she a Pisces
    O Twelve Seven, OOOH that thang pretty
    Make me say OOOH, OOOH like Sin City
    Gettin money gettin money, man I'm gettin paper
    I ain't playin I ain't playin I'll smack the shit out a hater
    Smack the shit out ya neighbor, smack the shit out the mayor
    Smack the shit out ya pregnant baby ma while she in labor

  19. I got gasoline comin out my pours,
    Imma torch,
    I got glasses like that white boy Scott Storch,
    And a porshe,
    I got license for tha scortch,
    Snipers at your porch,
    Rifles by the forts,
    And we shoot up courts,
    The judge juss a bitch,
    The jury suck dick,
    Im a eastside blood,
    And i dont smoke that crip,
    I smoke that kutch,
    First name Bubba,
    First names Young,
    Last name Stunna,
    Carter in the office,
    Take notes when im talkin,
    Smooth as a cruz boat floats when im walkin,
    I boast cause im ballin,
    I boast to be ballin,
    When im on the phone wit bitches man the money keep callin.
  20. Hell yeah smokin on that baby shut
    Fuckinn bad broads with cannabis cards hard top and convertable cars ***** thought i sold mine man is you out your motherfuckin mind

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