Baby Powder

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by powersgenty, May 4, 2016.

  1. I've been fighting a war with ants, trying to keep them away from my plant. So far, I've kept them out of the grow room, but today I found some crawling near my pot. Luckily, I saw the crack where they'd entered from and sealed it, but in my panicked frenzy, I surrounded my plants pot with a circle of baby powder (on some voodoo/pentagram shit). I read that it disorients and deters ants, but now I'm worried about its affect on my plant as the fan is blowing the smell around the room.

    I found a single thread on another website from someone who claimed that his grandmother used baby powder in her flower bed to keep bugs away, but nothing more. On the plus side, now it smells like I have a newborn baby instead of a stinky plant growing; the smell of baby powder has permeated every corner of my apartment (it's a tiny place though). It only smells the place up while the fan is on, but I'm worried my bud will taste like baby powder after having the stuff swirling around it for 12 hours a day. I'm about a month from chopping her down so I think I'll leave the powder there and hope for the best. What does this illustrious community think?
  2. that nael nutta tho
  3. note to self your buddy was seeing DE not baby powder
  4. it only works on "soft body'd" insects i dunno bout ants body status(hard r soft)
    but DE micro stabs buggies so theys dehydrate due to loss of water
    simply apply with a paintbrush to stems an inch under lowest nug point

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