baby plant falls over??? why

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Pseudnoym, May 1, 2002.

  1. Hello gamesmaster
    i am on level one of cannabis growing and have a problem, one of my plants has decide to fall over and wont get back up!

    okay if this is an american site you probelly have no idea what gamesmaster was(sorry).

    okay i have bought my self some seeds (Hollands hoop/ early girl) planted my first batch of 5 in a germernation box, up came 3 little heads, 2 didn't bother. so that was annoying and i wonder if the wet towel teq was better. okay so the seedlings have been growing on my sunny devon(ha!) window still for about 2-3 weeks. they were looking a little leggy, and two days ago one got a bit tired of standing up, and is laying down, i have improvised support in the form of a pencil. So have i done wrong, too much water? and is it revesible will the plant for ever have to be propt up? also at what age should you fertilzlise ? and when should i plant them in my polly tunnel? i have book but its from the 60's and a bit out of date, any help would be great.

    MR bee
  2. When the seedling pops it's head out of the soil,it reaches for intense light,so it needs to be placed close under a flourescent fixture,about 1 - 2 inches.This will prevent that leggy,hangin over the edge of pot lookin silly
    Then just water(don't overwater),wait, and watch for a few to see how it goes..

    peace man..have fun


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