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  1. Ok me and my girl keep thinkin about baby names but we can't come up with anything. It's going to be a good 5 yrs till i have any kids but i'm thinkin about it anyways. I want my kids to have pothead names but i don't want my parents and grandparents to figure them out ya know. My dad says if i have a boy i should name it ether token or rollen. I want my kids to have names that nobody else in there schools will have. I dunno people give me ideas.
  2. Smokey McPot. LOL JK!
  3. i was thinkin for a girl Canna Bis C******* i can't tell ya me last name. but canna is a cool name, without the bis you wouldn't think about it being a pothead name.
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  4. Call them something Danger *****

    Danger would be their middle name. Seriously do it....
  5. It's all good and fun to think that you can name your kid something after weed... But you have to realize that your kids are going to have to live with their name for the rest of their lives, and may not particularly have the same interests (ganja) as you do. Try becoming a lawyer with the name Canna Bis C~~~~~, or a doctor, or anything, without eyebrows raising everywhere. And think of the bullshit they'll have to deal with from other kids. "Hey TOKIN gotta joint?" This will be especially bad if your kid doesn't like weed, or if teachers pick up on the marijuana reference and start asking YOU questions.

    Think of the kids. A unique name isn't a bad thing, but don't go naming your kid Indica or anything ~ your kid, and maybe even YOU will stand out in society and in not necessarily a good way. I have some friends with some outrageous birth names and they ended up changing their names legally to something less outlandish. Good luck finding the perfect name! I haven't even thought about that, and kids are about 5 years down the line for myself too :D
    Now you got me thinking, and that can be a dangerous thing :)
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  6. that has to be the most true thing Ive heard in the city
    Great explanation
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  7. ganjaphish, the voice of sensibility...
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  8. tell me about wierd names! I was named after a folk singer (gotta love the hippies!!! lol), and now it's a prime time tv show. If I had a penny for ever time someone said to me "killed any vampires lately?" I'd probably have a million bucks.

    Anyway, my point is, your actions now will be with them forever. Suffer the little children.
  9. Yea I agree. Go with a unique name from your or your girl's heritage. I know a kid named Aden thats Gailic for "Rock". i thoguht that was a cool name.
  10. yeah i know whut you mean ganjaphish, i don't want the name to stick out too much. Well i was talking to my girl today and she told me she wants a boy names blaze, i've always loved that name but i know both of are familys will hate it. But if she really wants to name are boy blaze i'm gonna go ahead with it. I really hope my kids end up being smokers, but they can have great lives without it too. 5 years isn't long away.
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  11. You could always save the crazy outlandish names for simple fun family nicknames....My grandma called my dad "cork" and its stuck ever since..Everyone in my family now calls him that, even though she still wont tell anyone why the fuck she calls him that....And my mom calls me "little shit" but its not MY real name...

    ....Id have to say the best name to give a child you want to have a fucked up life would be either Moonbeam or Farva.
  12. you could always just get a dog and name it one of those names...they dont give a shit what u call them...and most of them like bud.
  13. i didn't think so many people would be against giving children pothead names. But i am on your side, unless most people know whut it means i won't use it. But i'll let my girl pick whatever names she wants, then i'll tell my kids its her fault.
  14. What if for a girl you made her middle name jane? cause you can make whatever name you want put jane at the end and voila! you get something that makes you think of weed. Katie Jane, Anna Jane, Mary jane.
    Zelena means green in czech
    Trava means weed
  15. Bogart
    Amelia as in Sensimellia
  16. My personal favourite: Erroll.
  17. me personally im naming my kids ignignokt and err after the mooninites.
    feel free to join in on my epicness
  18. T-bone. Nice nick. I have the same one but bones seems the variation for the last 6 months. :smoke:
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    seven, or soda
  20. Rollin would actually be a badass name. sounds like roland which def sounds like a legit name! i like the name Karma and i'd love to use it someday but the kid surely would get made fun of.

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