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  1. I'm not really sure where to put this, so I thought this would be the best place. My girl asked me if I'm sure that my condom didn't break. I'm positive it didn't.

    She asked me this because she says that her boobs hurt and that she thinks they have grown bigger, she is also complaining about bladder problems. It's probably nothing, gonna wait a week or 2 and get a pregnancy test, but I'm a little worried. What do you guys think? False alarm? or the real thing?
  2. When did you two have sex??
    Because it takes a few weeks for those first few symptoms to kick in.
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    Tbh, multiple times. The one I'm worried about was around 2-3 weeks ago, but she's more worried about Friday night. Tbh I'm not ready for a kid, it would be nice to have a little me running around, but I'm just not ready. I don't wanna drop out of college and take up a second job and all that.

    EDIT: wow... what a bad topic to get my 200th post, oh well
  4. Is she not on any form of birth control either??

    Well, you could always go buy a package of home pregnancy tests, do one now and do another in a week or two. If then you two are at all uncertain then I suggest a blood test.

    But her freaking out about will not help this situation. I have been there and many other women have been there when it comes to stress like this. The more worried and stressed she is about missing her period it can actually delay it.

    You should also have a good conversation to your girl about how you feel about this. I also highly suggest that once everything is cleared up she starts some form of birth control and use it correctly (if she isn't on one already).
  5. No birth control. And Doesn't it take like a week or 2 for the pregnancy test to be accurate? And we are talking right now, cleared some things up, and just praying that it comes up negative at the end of the day.
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    Plan b doesn't work if you are already pregnant. Its basically a giant dose of the pill and keeps and egg from dropping. Its not the abortion pill.
    Edit :plan b is also only effective within 72 hours
  7. I'd look at her like:

    If she's saying her boobs hurt and blah blah,
    then why not take the test now? I would think
    if the hormones are fucking with your tits then
    a pregnancy test could figure that one out.

    My suggestion: Go buy a pregnancy test now
    and report back with the news.


    LOL at spanish subtitles.
  8. Yeah, I don't think Plan B would work. Even if she did get pregnant from Friday, that would be 3 and a half days since we last did it. I think it says on the website its up to 72 hours, It would be like 90 hours so that's a no go. If it's negative I'll talk to her about birth control, even though I'm 18, she's only 17, so I don't know if her parents would allow it. Btw, there's a 2 year age difference in Florida, so don't be calling me a sex offender or anything
  9. There's boxes of home tests that have more than one in it. They don't cost much, better off to check now in case it has already been a few weeks. Then you can still check in a 2 weeks time in case it was from now.

    If her parents are against her being protected for what ever reason, she should still look into visiting a planned parenthood clinic to see what her options are. Since she's 17 she be able to get it without her parents knowing.

  10. If she's worried that it happened on Friday, I don't think she'd start showing symptoms like boob soreness in 3 days... :confused_2:

    Sounds like it could just be PMS symptoms to me?
  11. Thanks for your help man, it's either buying the pregnancy tests now, and not have enough gas to get me to my next paycheck, or just wait and have this looming over me for weeks.... Decisions... Decisions
  12. It's different for everyone, but that's why I'm even more worried about like 3 weeks ago, that seems like perfect timing.

    I'm not gonna lie, I laughed when I saw that, and I know you were trying to be funny.... but that's pretty fucked up

  13. If you have a chain dollar store like Dollar Tree in your area, you can get pregnancy tests there for (surprise) $1.
    All the sites I've read say they're just as accurate as the expensive ones.
  14. Actually to come to think of it, perhaps she should head to the planned parenthood clinic before buying the home tests? I mean if it's within distance, it could be easier than being in a financially tight spot.
    The one that I have been to, have many options other than just birth control. They normally have the option to get yourself checked out along with urine tests. Along with payment plans if needed for what ever costs could be.

    As mentioned above it's possible that it's menstrual pains as well. When was her last period? I could be close to that time of the month. As stressful as this situation may be, you guys need to take a deep breath and try not to worry until you have a positive result. For all you know, you could very well be freaking out about nothing.
  15. I'm not gonna lie I have never even seen one of those places. But yeah, she doesn't have a job atm and I'm super low on cash, so that might have to wait. If I buy a test and it turns up negative, it will just be avoidable stress. If it comes up positive, shit atleast I know about it and can plan instead of knowing like a month or 2 later. And she says she has like 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks for her period, so I don't think its that
  16. She is most likely not showing pregnancy symptoms if she still has 2 weeks till her period. It could just be pms, or nothing. You usually dont start having any preg symptoms until after your period is late. And you can buy pregnancy tests for $1 at dollar general.
  17. Well to be honest, I didn't even know there was a clinic near me as well. But a counselor had given me some advice about it back in high school. The one near me is really low key, it's just a decent little office in a building off the main drag. A good place to look is a phone book, or online if you do not have access to people contacts.
  18. I figured you needed the laugh.
  19. Damn... this isn't good. She is still complaining about the symptoms and I'm getting more worried by the minute. She's still in high school and I don't wanna ruin her education. This sucks.... horribly

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