Baby Charlie Gard - Trump Involvement - English Human Rights Abuses

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Should the state have the right to pull the plug on your child against your wishes?

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  1. For those of you have may not have seen Charlie Gard is an 11 months old British boy, suffering from a rare genetic diseases called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, who the state controlled National Health Service has won a legal case to decide they get to pull the plug on his life support machines without parental permission - and despite experimental treatment being offered in the USA.

    Read About Charlie's Fight - Charlie's Fight

    Trump's involvement in this has clearly been instrumental.

    Donald Trump offers help for critically ill baby Charlie Gard

    Whatever he has said has worked. They haven't switched the machine off yet....if it was so important for them to withdraw treatment then why haven't they done it seen as though there is no longer any reprieve left save as through the Queen herself. She hasn't done it and won't. Whether you like it or not Trump has possibly given this boy a chance at life.

    This is something that everyone should be entitled to, as a father and as a human being I think we can all say a big thank you to Trump for this one thing. Like him or loath him he used the power for good. Anyone who is the President of the USA is truly blessed and I'm glad that he is putting pressure on the British government. English settlers founded the USA and your laws are derived from ours through the common law and are shared with Canada, Australia, New Zealand. These are important links and America is the last bastion of the Anglosphere - this shared bond we have through Magna Carta, the English Bill of rights and through to your independence and that of the other nations. Trump has acted like an all time great for doing this because he is defending individual liberty, the most basic of them all - the right to life and that pitted against state interference and total power.

    Trump took a step against totalitarianism with his actions he has given Charlie a fight at life. We shall see If England can row back against the Marxist control it is now almost entirely under.
  2. I'm not thanking Trump for ANYTHING.
  3. Well it turns out that the UK hospital/doctors were correct all along. There is and never was any hope for this kid and now the parents and hospital have agreed to let him die in peace.

    After further tests the conclusion is that the kid has been more than likely in pain all along and that the hero US doctor who claimed he could help had a financial interest in his "miracle treatment".

    Charlie Gard's parents spend 'last precious moments' with their son
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  4. Erm correct? Now I know its hard for you socialists to understand but you do realise that we are not (in theory born slaves) - ergo how the heck does the state claim the right to make choices for our children against our wishes....ahhh justification for it...

    Also it's clear that the time wasting by the NHS cost him his life not the US doctor.

    Better dash mate the local politicians wants to have sex with your children....and the state owns them so you're fucked (sorry i mean your kids are).

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