baby and i mite be homeless soon....hooray

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  1. so basically..i live with my dad, baby, and bf
    my dad now wants us gone whithin the next few months because we somehow pissed off his new gf *been around roughly 2 months* by asking her to just shut the doors a little more quietly in the morning so that she doesnt wake up the baby....she doesnt live here btw, and if it wasnt for tj and myself, they NEVER wouldve met in the first place.
    and now she says that shes not going to come around as long as we're here ne more because of that.
    now, i just got a new job, but its only on saturdays atm for training, but its 12.50 to start.
    he also wants us both to have full time jobs but wont help out with ANYTHING with the baby, hasnt bought formula, diapers, clothes..NOTHNING! let alone daycare.
    he almost threw us out tonight because in a slight loss of temper i slammed my door...controllably however...didnt break ne thing or even rattle ne thing

    so times...
    i now remember why i didnt care that we didnt speak for more than 2 years...

    if it wasnt for the baby, id still be in tennessee in a place that should be condemned

    i feel like such a failure for my son:(
  2. Thats really fucked up of him. Sad as it is its obvious hes not gonna make the right choices.

    Its hard just biting your tongue I know..but it looks like thats the only way to deal with his bullshit

    Whats bf like? He have anything lined up incase you are thrown out?

    Im sure you have a place the baby could stay atleast. A friend or something yea?

    Either way good luck. You need it.
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    is it really that hard to type "any"

    Edit: Really not needed, dude. You've been warned. Once. -Durchii
  4. i wish you the best of luck on your future:wave:
  5. You shouldn't feel like a failure for your son. You're doing the best you can right now and thats all you can do. You're starting a new job and as soon as your dude gets a full time job, unless he already has one, you all will be set in no time. Now if you were still in Tennessee in a house that should be condemned with the baby then that might be a different story, but apparently you realized it was no place for a baby to grow up in. Good luck though, everything will work out in the end.

  6. Is it that hard to fuck off when someones got bigger issues then how they choose to spell?

    You obviously knew that ne ment any so the word was understood just fine
  7. Thats fucked dude... She is on here talking about how her and her baby might be homeless and thats what you contribute?
  8. is it really that hard to not be so critical in my thread?
    excuse me for being a teeny bit upset and not caring about the way i was please..go fuck yourself, thank you

    and for the OTHER people that actually said something worth a fuck, thank you...ill be sure to keep you updated
    no theres no place for just the baby to go, unfortunately...or idve made that choice already...
    worse comes to worse, there is help out there for WHEN i become homeless

    and also, im not looking for sympathy or hand outs...just letting my fellow blades know what going on in my bubble..that is becoming smaller and smaller
  9. and thanks guys for standing up for me:eek:
  10. Well, i dont know if homeless is the right thing, but certainly sounds like you shoulda been out a long time ago.
  11. in all honestly..we've only been here 4 months, in a room he wasnt even using, paying for half the electricity and buying all the groceries and doing all the housework...and then some!

    my dad and i havent ever really gotten along that well...the ONLY reason i moved in here was so that i wouldnt need to worry about cockroaches bombarding my son and him breathing in dog piss and being around raging alcoholics all day

  12. Word, understandable, but at the same time, its time to make your own waves ya know?
  13. yes i kno...but in the four months ive already gotten a job, a well paying job, and have been looking for a place to move into that i can afford on top of having to take care of my child

    waves have been being made my friend
  14. Thats what its all about!
  15. Dont feel like a failure :( its not your fault
  16. dude....not fucking kewl
  17. I'm so pissed off by the way that people's parents have been treating them lately.

    I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time, I can't believe that your father would pick a woman who's barely been around over his daughter and a baby. What a jerk.

    I'm confident that it will fall into place. Mothers have a way of making things happen to protect their children. You'll figure it out, and you're not a failure, your son won't see you that way when he's older.
  18. I think selling yourself on the streets would be a last resort...

    i hope everything works out for you.
  19. Shes not gonna fuck for money. THATS what makes mothers failures rather then trying the right path

    I realise your prolly not religious...but no one ever got hurt praying.

    Some problems need bigger hands to carry them
  20. im actually quite religious...and pray often

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