Baboons keep feral dogs as pets & guardians in Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Swills, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Check this shit out! Baboons apparently take feral puppies and raise them as their own to help protect the baboon families from invading feral dogs! Shit is crazy!

    Warning, these first images of a baboon dragging a puppy by its tail will offend some of you, but he's not trying to hurt em.

    Saudi Arabia stray dogs have become baboon's pets

  2. dogs. A primates best friend
  3. did you get this from joe rogans twitter feed today too lol?
  4. Funny to think, this is probably how we domesticated dogs, and primates are starting to make weapons, and show clear signs of evolution, maybe once we have used all the resources we need up, these primates can be the next "us"
  5. :laughing: twitter. Nah, I got this from

  6. Just get back from POTA: Rise of the apes??

    Seriously guys, apes will never evolve into us. Apes are not our ancestors, we share a common ancestor. Where is this "evidence" of apes becoming more advanced? Apes have always thrown rocks and sticks, and usually some fecal matter mixed in, as weapons. Since we started studying them scientifically, which would have been a few hundred years ago at most. Not nearly long enough to witness any evolutionary change.

    Now if you are referring to apes possessing the ability to observe our actions and picking up on our mannerisms and technologies such as smoking and drinking booze, then yes that is possible.
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    I would love to see video of an ape getting trashed, I mean cmon, watch the ape hit a j, look at it, then release all g style? Siiiiiick.
  8. That was rude. Momma should have ripped apart that baboon.
  9. the baboons could easily fuck the dog up
  10. We may not yet fully understand every aspect of evolution, folks...but don't ever be so foolish as to bet against it. Just imagine how different our world will be in another dozen generations...both of beasts and of man.
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    If anyone doesn't understand evolution, it would be you. For the second time, it doesn't happen in just a few hundred years. It takes thousands of years to see any difference.
  12. lol chill man. I understand things fine, don't worry yourself on my account.

    My comment on evolution comes from what I often hear; many people take a very cynical view on it. I'm not suggesting that these same baboons are going to march like North Korea's army next week; it's just fascinating to see what they are in fact capable of learning, or even mimicking. And it's foolish to bet that they won't make further advancements over the coming centuries, or millennia.
  13. Its about the time when everything evolves. ;)
  14. if I has a shotgun I would shoot that monkey dragging the puppy by the tail across the pavement.

  15. What would that solve?
  16. thats why the narrator says they raise dogs to defend them from other dogs, but what the fuck does that clueless joe know right?
    my rottie would rip apart those stupid fucking monkeys,
    if that baboon came trespassing in my house at night, my dog would kill it.
    rotties have a strong guarding instinct, and they will fight to the death defending.
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    Apes aren't necessarily evolving before our eyes. However, there are certain species that catch on incredibly quick when introduced to humans and more advanced tools. Here's a pretty interesting video about one species, the Bonobo.

    For those that don't want to watch the video, the apes can gather sticks for a fire, then start the fire with a lighter. One mother uses a pair of scissors to cut her baby's hair. They can communicate through drawn symbols. They even make stone tools exactly like ancient humans did. The apes weren't trained to do these things, they learned by watching and figuring it out on their own. It's pretty crazy.

    And for the record, it's possible to see evolutionary change in just a few generations...


    Given, that is under controlled conditions. But you could also potentially breed for the "smartest" ape. Who knows what could happen?
  18. All this makes me wanna do is beat the shit outta those baboons, aggressive fuckers!

  19. The way I see it you're not looking so much different from the baboons.
  20. Don't care, I have a soft spot for puppies, baboons however not so much.

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