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  1. Hey, i started using a new soil this grow which i think is leading to my problems but im not sure why. Im growing nOrthern lights and nightshade in a soil made of 25% perlite 25% vermuclite and 50% organic potting soil with maybe a teaspoon of bone meal in the top 2 inches of each solo cup the seed is in. the plants germinated fine and are about 2 inches tall but they are growing VERY VERY slowly and some have yellowing leaves while the others are pretty light green.

    other possible problems are that the box is around 80 degrees most the time but that has been fine for other grows since there is always fresh air on them so its not sitting in stagnant heat. Humidty has also been around 25% the past 2 weeks because of winter dryness, and despite putting 2 cups of water and a wet towel near them it hasnt gone up over 27%.
  2. 80 is a bit on the hotside if you ask me, which can result in stunting

    try to bring it down to 75..

    What is your light source? and what soil are you using.

    You need to put more detail into your post.

  3. Honestly im not quite sure how to bring the temps down anymore. im working with a 3 foot by 3 foot by 9 inch wide box that has 2 computer fans working exhaust and a 9 inch desk fan blowing air on the plants. Right now i got about 120 watts of CFL about 2 inches away from the plants ( im adding an extra 100 wats of cfl for veging and have about 250 for flowering).

    as for soil, im just using a self made mix of perlite and vermuclite mixed with some random organic potting soil ( not shultz or miracle grow. im talking the real organic potting soil from the plant shop down the street) i added in some blood meal for extra nitrogen to two of the plants to see if it would make a diff but it hasnt.

    Ive been spraying the crap out of them with water to try and keep humidty up. also just bought a humidifier for my room so that should bring it up to around 40.

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