Babies growing on my balcony...a little help plz

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yinyang, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I have 14 Baby skunk plants growing in my backroom/sunroom (its like a balcony but close with windows all around it). Now i live in eastern Canada so April is still kinda early to grow and i was wondering if it might get too cold for my plants inside at night? i have a little heater that keeps it at room temperature but i dunno if thats enouph.

    Secondly, they are only about 3 inches tall but i was wondering if it would be good to start boosting with 20-20 already. the things is they are in little pots and im planning to put them outside as soon as may/june comes around so i dunno if that will disturb the roots when i did them out.

    This is my second grow, and im trying to do well wth this one! any info/advice will be very appreciated:eek:
  2. Do not fertilize yet at 3 inches they are too small for fertilizer. If the room is at "room temperature" which is about 68-72 degrees they should be fine. When you take them out of the pots to plant outside, take a little hand shovel and slip that puppy along the walls of the pots moving the roots to the center of the pot. This will make the plant come out of the pot easier so the roots don't get bothered too much.
  3. thx for the info!

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