Babies are like retarded people

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  1. hey gc, im currently blazing and it made me think of something that i thought of a few days ago when i was also blazing. it has a story about it so i will share it here.

    i was high and i was on facebook. somehow i stumbled upon the page of this girl that i went to high school with. i talkd to her a lot in 8th grade, then barely even saw her or talked to her in 9th and 10th grades. then either in 10th grade or 11th grade she swtiched scholls for somer reason and i never heard of her again.

    so anyways i found her facebook and then i look at her pics and it turns out that she had a baby!! and she is engaged to the father....i looked through this one album and it had pics of her and her fiance and their little baby......

    the thing that i thought of while looking at pitcures of the baby is that the baby looked like a retarded person. like a mentally challenged or retarded person. now i am not trying to be mean or act like an asshole or anything, but this is what i thought of and it became even more apparent to me as i saw the actions of the baby in the pictures.

    in a lot of the pictures somebody is holding her and they are both staring at the camera. the person holding her is smiling and looks "normal" but the baby just looked into the camera with its huge eyes and made it look like a scary stare and the baby wasn't smiling but it had like a look of dumbfoundment and confusion in its other picturs the baby is literally just laying in a hamper and staring at it with this look of fascination on its another picture the baby is literally wearing a bowl of food as a cap and the caption of the picture also said that..........

    looking at the expression on the baby's face in addiyion to the actions that the baby was performing while the picture was taken, it amde me think that this is like stuff a retarded perosn would do and that is how a retaredde person would look in pictures.

    i was thinking of posting the pics on here but i thought that would be wrong so i tried searching for pics online of babies with similar expressions but theyw ere actually hard to find or it could just be because i am high....but these are the only good ones that i can find. when you think about my idea that babies can look like retarded people i want you to actually picture tehese expressions and actions that i talked about in your mind and also look at these pictures below and tell me if they don't look at least a little like retarded and mentatlly challenged people...please let me know if this is stupid of me to think that and i was just high, or if this actually makes sense when you think about it...thank you


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. [ame=]Nick Swardson 'Hold The Baby' Stand Up - YouTube[/ame]

    No they are like drunk people
  3. or are retarded people like babies?
  4. Classic thread!

  5. You mean that new born babies who haven't a clue about how the world works are equivalent to mentally disabled people?

    Gee! Tell me more!
  6. Hey OP I'm actually retarded and this thread is totally offensive.
  7. Ha, just wait til you have sex with one! ;)
  8. This thread is going into a straight, downward spiral... fast!
  9. what is so offensive about what i said? what do you find offending? do you not like being compared to lowly babies? do you think you are too high and mighty to be compared to babies? is that what you find offensive? we're all in this together, you know.....

    for all the inept people who did not realize this already, obivously i meant SOME retarded people...not all retarded people...............babies are like some retarded people, there you go......
  10. i think it can go either way.....unless your onto somehting huge here.........
  11. Its true at least I think so. They always seem confused or happy and confused.
  12. i hope you are taling about a retared person and not a baby....LOL
  13. I cannot help but laugh at the thought of a baby being seen as retarded, it's a baby. Maybe the one you saw was fucked up or something.
  14. I'm talking about both, if he thinks they're alike he's obviously never had sex with both of them.
  15. I don't understand all this logic and reasoning. I'm retarded.

  16. thank you....btw how did you go from hitting like 260 to 300 in one season?? also, i didn't know you were on here!! thats so cool. just dont let the commish nknow you smoke weed and you will be fine
  17. oh then you really are like a baby then, because a baby wouldn't understand it either.

    thank you for proving my point...............thank you come again LOL

  18. Maybe it was drunk or just really stoned or even tripping balls that baby is a eager beaver if its chugging a bottle of vodka and smoking 10 blunts everyday.
  19. Wtf is this crap
  20. [quote name='"Jose Bautista"']Classic thread!



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