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  1. Please help, this is my 1st grow and I'm having problems. My plants bottom leaves are turning yellow and getting crispy on the tips, it is now working it's way up the plant. There are brown spots forming on the leaves as well. I'm growing 2 plants called royal hash (free seeds from bank). I have had nothing but problems from the start. I started 3 seeds of Strawberry cough, and 2 royal hash. the royal hash took off and the strawberry cough fizzled. It got to the point the RH were ready to go to flowering stage, so i moved the SC plants to a outdoor plot (good luck to them). I'm only focused on the plants I have here.

    2 female royal hash plants - 1st week of flowering
    Indoor grow in 3 gallon pots
    Soil: Freeland Potting soil w/worm castings, perlite
    Lights: 322W CFL (currently 14 23W bulbs: 12 2700K, 2 3500K) within 3-4 inches from top of plants
    Temps: lights on 78-80 degress, lights off 70 deg
    PH: runoff is 6.6 - 6.8
    Water: when pot feels light (i initially thought maybe I was overwatering so i have backed off quite a bit, maybe every 4-5 days now)
    Fertilizer: jack's classic 20-20-20 during veg, now 15-30-15 (I haven't added any since switching to flowering due to fear of burn.

    please help.

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  2. Hi.

    Keep your Ph around 6.5 and introduce the flowering nutes
    at 1/4 strength.


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