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Baaaaaaad Trip...police Suck!

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. ok, i feel it is right for me to share a story which recently happened to me to everyone on the city so that all my blokes will learn form my experiences like i have.

    on may 28th, i went to maxes house who i alwayse chill with(maxbuddah420) and i had scored about 12 grams of shrooms. truth is i eat a good amount more then an eighth, probably about 5 grams, and, ladies and gentleman, wether you think it can happen to you or not on just shrooms, bad tripps can, trust mne, i know! Its very hard to communicate what happneed because very few people can understand, but I knwo exactly what happened, and if your not careful, you too could be hurt while tripping shrooms. Halucanagins are sweet, i know. i trip a lot, and untill last friday(the 28th of may) i had never seena bad trip. iv tripped shrooms trillions of times, thats just how me and max are, but it was not until i had to surface my bad stuff in my brain that i had a bad trip. trsut me it sucks. "im gunna kill you max, im gunna kill you man and it wont even matter" is aperently what i cept saying. I rember very little since my mind was on overload. 5 grams at once and a glass of orange juice, and these were really high qulITY shrooms too, really dry caps and stems and all blue and crystaly in the middle, trust me, good shrooms, cubensis, if you knwo shrooms real well. anyway i tried to kill satan, who at differnt point si believed was my freind, my freinds sisster, my other freind, and eventuely i was convinced i was satan, although i know now that satan is much weeker then God! I know that is hard to understand and except, but you must believe me, i know. eventuely my ck, a chemical released when your bodyu is put under a good amoutn of stress hit about 4,000. its spoce to be 250. i woudl have died ina few hours of max hadnt called the ambulance, and with them, the fuzz. i knwo it soudns bad, but there had to be cops, because the ambulance people were going to see i was tripping my mind off, literally. i foamed at themoath. i was throa into the tv, wall, table ect over and over again in attempts to keep me from killing anyone, and i proabbly would have, so its a good thing. anyway, i veagly remember standing up and being mased in the face. next thign i know 3 really big cops are halling me outside well i flail and kick like there woudl be no tomaorw. (i woudl be charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct). no drug charges, but yeah, charges none the less. i had done 30 mgs of adderol that night as well, and smoked a tuuun of chron. they foudn everythign and confiscated it, but since the cops were pretty cool, no drug chargesm, even thoguh they wer episse di woudlnt give names of dealers. i came out of the entire sutuationa changed person. what did i learn? not to do, ever more then an 8th of shrooms at once, and be careful. if you dont feel good, if you are mad or sad or fear or hate anything especialy at the time you have shrooms, dont drop them, you coudl end up facing charges and trying to kil satan liek me! peace and love, yo
  2. Holy shit. That's some fucked up shit right there man. You going to be ok with the cops and everything? Glad to hear you came out of it ok. I got a question though:

    so let's say I feel anger with a lot of things but most of the time these angers never surface themselves. And let's also say that I was mellow when I did shrooms. You think I'd be ok for a trip?
  3. Shrooms and LSD are half mindset too. Believe it or not, if you keep panicking and thinking "Oh god I'm going to have a bad trip when I take LSD/Shrooms" then you probably will.
  4. yes, if you vusuelize yourself having a bad trip, you will, almost for sure. I didnt though, the way halucanagins react to the human mind depends of the minds strength to understand and interprate the effects of the drug. if one has a strong enough mind, they can overcome any drugs effect on thier mind, however one cannot overcome with thought physical effects of a drug. NOTE howvere that one may vary the rate of his or her hart by regulating their breathing. What happened to me is my mind was not strong enough to overcome my weaknesses, and so all of them surfaced with that amoutn of shrooms. the asnwer to your question is no, if you do a regular amoutn of shrooms(id recomdn not more then three quarders of an eighth, especial if its your first time) your mind wil undersatnd itslef, instead of surface issues within itself. ok?
  5. I've found that if I concentrate hard enough while stoned off my ass I can make myself sound sober while talking to my parents. I'm not sure if this is the same thing you're thinking about.

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