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\/b3r $t0|\|z0r3d

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sensi Enthused, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. @11 y0\/r b@$3 @r3 b310|\|g t0 \/$.

    1 j\/$t @t3 @ b0\/\/1 0f l33t c3r3@1.

    1'|\/| \/|\|$t0p@b13, |\|0|/\|!!!

    $0rry f0r |/\|@$t1|\|g y0\/r t1|\/|3!

    1 j\/$t |\|33d3d t0 $|-|@r3 : - D

  2. All your base are belong to us.

    I just ate a bowl of leet cereal.

    I'm (blank) now!!!

    Sorry for wasting your time!

    I just need to share

    hmm []D [] []V[] []D

    whats the blank?
  4. the blank is "unstoppable." haha, pwn3d n00b.

    i think hacker speak is meant to make people who use it look cooler but it just makes them look more geeky.

  5. Yeah, I kinda already posted that. plus, he spelt it with one p, not two... whos the n00b now?
  6. ah i thought this was going to eb a thread deleted lol
    whos the n00b now?
  7. The best part is that I don't remember doing that.
  8. /.\

    this thread is far to geeky, so Im adding a poorly done vagina.

    looks kinda floppy to me, but tang is tang.
  9. Haha, what the fuck.
  10. hahahahaah pwnage!!!! gg...

    ( ( )===========D-------o---o-----O


    ( ( )===|)


    ( | )

    its not need....its needed
  11. .| |
    .| |
    .| | v
  12. it's crazy man...
  13. b00b135
  14. b(o)(o)bies

  15. whoa... i somehow missed that...somehow :smoke:
  16. I know it said.

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