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b3310w's Grow Journey. Chapter 2: Guerilla Warfare

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by b3310w, May 28, 2010.

  1. I thought calling pot larry was a local thing I guess not,also suprised the off killed ur shit,I aint puttin that shit on again if it'll kill a plant cant b good for ur skin
  2. Off Bug Spray??
    sorry to hear of the troubles. what bugs are you fighting?
  3. hey guys. I actually wasn't fighting any bugs. The pump on the off bottle broke, so i put it in a spare squirt bottle i had laying around, the one that looked exactly like wut i keep my foliar feed in. Didnt spray it directly on the plant, was actually spraying my peace lilly's n foliage plants and the sprout was in between them for camo. Wiped wut i could, and flushed everything but the sprout was just too tender to pull through. I gotta good feeling we'll be seeing that strain in another garden real soon tho!
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    Na dude, he didn't say. Just claimed to have done a side by side with it and the FF, and it did much better. Could have been a sales pitch, but being that it was actually a few bucks cheaper than the FF, maybe he was telling truth. Let me find the link on the just rite. Just Right Xtra All Organic Potting Mix ther's the link. I think it's fairly new on the market, being that not many people have heard of it, and the few that i've found that are using it are in the beginning stages of their grows.

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