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b3310w's Grow Journey. Chapter 2: Guerilla Warfare

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by b3310w, May 28, 2010.

  1. I should have me a patient soon. It's cool that the limit is twelve.
  2. Oct is your neighbor?! ill stick around to watch the show then haha you got him to help you, and visa\versa. i sure wish i had a avid grower living next store i would be trading clones and coming up with a huge perpetual garden but thats just me :rolleyes:

    anyways im excited to see the babies :wave:

  3. Well not quite neighbors, but close enough. IF i can get a plant to look half as good as 1 of his then ill be happy. :D
  4. good luck and happy growing:smoking:
  5. thx growerruney :wave:
  6. like you said you have hydro down, from my experience soil is a lot easier. hope lots of sun comes your way. mother nature takes care of you when your outdoors
  7. I had no idea those genetics were so scarce, I'm gonna devote a bit more attention to these than the others I can already tell :smoking:.
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    yea man the larry is almost gone, can find clones of it here and there in and around cali, but for the most part, its about vanished. same with the ghost cut, which is wut the oldschool og is. so this is crossed with 2 of the best cuts of og, which are very hard to come by. the only reason i have it in seed form, is thanks the the chemdog d that it is was crossed with.

    Edit, The Sour D ibl Also helped with the nut bustin in this orgy of funky genetics.
  9. What's up b! Just strollin' through.........
  10. Thx goody, Shit for real my man... nuttin exciting, im basically doin the same, just strollin thru.
  11. whats good man! :rolleyes:just checking for updates
  12. Hey B33, :wave: Those are some nice strains. All the best to you this grow! :smoking::hello:
  13. Nice looking grow! Rare genetics always interest me. Stickin around for sure :smoking: Did the guy at your hydro store say what was in the Just Right Xtra that made it better than FFOF?
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  15. sup b33 lookin pretty decent so far wanna see some updates tho
  16. You disappeared into the jungle...or behind the scenes:cool:. Yez everyone...b3310w is alive and well I assure you.
  17. Subbed and watching, thanks.
  18. Ok to the many, or more like few who are keeping tabs on this delinquent thread, its time for somewhat of an update.

    A few posts back i mentioned that the LLOG sprout had an episode with some OFF! bug repellant. Well the OFF won, though i was devistated, i marched on through the rut, and started a couple more. An Ultimate Chemdawg 91, and a White Bubba Kush x Aliendog. I'll post pics soon, i promise. Peace!
  19. bummer man sorry to hear it, its a learning experience:smoking:
    excited to see your grow man peace.

  20. Oh, that sucks! Glad to see you're soldiering on, and look forward to seeing what comes next.:cool:

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