b3310w's Grow Journey. Chapter 2: Guerilla Warfare

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  1. Wuts hapnin GC,

    After a few months off, and experiencing withdraws from not growing, i figured it was due time to relapse :D. Last run was wut i would consider, my first real grow. Practiced with soil a few times and failed horribly, so i figured id give hydro a go and nailed it. This time i figure id give soil another go, since afterall, i boldly went where few have gone, and suceeded (Hydro). Enough with the nonsence. For this grow, i bought a bag of organic soil called Just Right Xtra, by General Hydroponics, the guy at my dro shop he did a side by side with it and FF, and the GH really impressed him. MAybe it was just a sales pitch, but hey, it seems to be doing the trick. I'm also using Extreme Serene by Roots organics. It's made from seaweed and kelp extract, and really improves root growth something major. I added it to the Lucas Formula in my last grow, and it helped with creating a mega bush. Not sure if im gonna use it the whole run, maybe just while the plant is still vegging inside before its time to spread its wings, and go outside. Im going guerilla this time because I've got a few too many things going on to manage an indoor garden, and i wanted to see the diff in indoor vs outdoor growing.

    As for the plant, it was really a tough choice on deciding which strain to run for this mini guerilla op of mine. Being that i have a few well, wut i would consider top shelf strains, i decided to go with a cross a good friend of mine created. Old School OG Kush x Lemon Larry OG Kush/Chemdog D. I think im gonna call it One Love Kush, dedicated to the friend they were gifted from.

    The Old School OG, from wut ive heard, is orgnkid's "Ghost Cut" OG.

    The Lemon Larry OG's genetic make-up is Og Kush “The Larry clone” x Sour Larry Og kush male, This is a 100% Og Kush clone(The Larry) X ( Larry og kush x Sour Diesel IBL male)..Mathmatically This cross is a 75% Larry Og kush/25% Sour Diesel ibl but she was breed looking for og pheno & leans hard to the og side so more like 85% og/15% sd ibl or even 90/10 on most phenos! This was crossed with the Chemdog D, the actuall lineage and history of this is probably like the Aesop's Fable of Cannabis. The only thing all of the many stories in the world have in common, are that the original seeds were bagseed from a 1991 Grateful Dead show, and that the end result is always amazing :smoking:.

    I didn't wanna bite off more than I could chew, or risk fuckin anything up, this is why i only decided to run 1 plant. Not only is 1 more managable, but if i run into problems, i wouldn't want to lose more than 1. Hell, i dont even wanna lose 1, but without risk, there is no reward.

    I germ'dthe bean on the 12th or the 13th of May. I did the bean in the cup of water method, and it had sank within a couple hours. I planted it in a peat pot filled with the GH soil, and on the morning of the 15th, it sprouted. Today is actually day 12 from sprout, the 3rd node started to emerge today so i went ahead, and topped it. I have a 250w HPS, but like i said, i really cant manage an official indoor grow, so i have the seedling under a bright white 6500k CFL. Hopefully within the next 2weeks, 3 at the most, i will have topped another time, and have atleast 1 solid cut from this baby. The genetics are obviously regular, if i am lucky enough to get a female, great. IF not, ill be gathering some pollen for a breeding project me and a friend are putting together very soon.

    Ok, thats about it for now yall. Below are a few pics from the journey so far. Peace.:wave:

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  2. Bout DAMN time! I know all our time is limited so don't delete this one. It's your show now boss. Let's see what ya got!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ha ha, i wont main, promise.

    PS, if this journal, inspires, offends, satisfies, disturbs, pleases, or scares anyone... contact Allgood. For this journal is about 90% HIS fault. :p

    JK man. :D
  4. ............................mmmmm. Very interesting story you have there. I think hydro is the sheit right now! I always figured soil would be harder because you can't correct issues as fast as in a hydro system.

    I just put two plants outside myself. Hopefully they don't smell too much so the neighbors won't catch on.

    What strain did you grow hydro style?

    I wish you the best on this grow. ;)
  5. Picture 7 just looks EPIC!
  6. man that looks good ...

    nice work bruh... keep it up...
  7. Interested to see how the chem handles the great outdoors
  8. sweet shit! cant wait to see some nugglets! i was thinking about loading my backpack a few times with these clones i have, and some fem'ed plants that i dont have room for and taking them somewhere outside~ I have a few secret smoking spots on the 30mile mountain bike trail i ride that i was thinking of sticking a few at each spot. Then i can check on them during my smoke breaks on my bike rides. I usually go at least 2 times a week. Im kinda scared tho lol
  9. thanks for the support A goody! Last run in the bubble bucket was Lavender Kush. Man it was pretty i have a pic of a cured nug i'l find n post up later.

    ha ha thanks man, and welcome. I love how they look when they're young and tender too.

    thanks for stoppin thru bra. My luck in soil isn't the greatest, but i'll do my best.

    yea brown, me too. If i had a choice i'd def run this inside the whole time. I fear that the outdoor's may take away from the potency, but it will def help with the yield. Thanks for posting in here btw.
    Well folks nothing major in the progress from last night to today. I feared that topping would slow growth down for a few days, as it usually does, but the 3 bladed leaves on the 2nd node officially have visible stems today. So it's takin the stress pretty dam good. No pics for now. Prolly post some later today or tomorrow, gotta find where the hell i put that micro sd card. Hope all is well in your lives today. Take care, peace.

  10. Hell yea matty give it a go bra. If nothin else just do 1 for now, see how it goes. Just keep it a good distance from the trail, watch leaving trails to it. Only thing tht beats a failure is a try, give it a shot homie.
  11. its off of a major bike and hike trail that i ride. Theres a couple really hard to get to secluded areas that i stop to medicate at, and i was gonna do them near there

  12. I say go for it man. Atleast 1. If you do it make sure u keep me posted on the progress. Sit the clone on a window sill, or somewher outside for a few hours a day so it can toughen up n get used to the outdoors before the x plant.
  13. Well people good news and bad news today.

    Bad first: Some how my foliar feed got mixed up with some OFF! insect repellent, dont ask how, im salty. ITs lookin pretty rough, cut off wut seemed to be dead already, but now the brown is spreading fast, its still standing tho. Did a real good flush, so im not counting it out yet. If it does make it, i shouldnt have to worry about pests...LOL!

    On to the good: I got a couple packages today from a few friends who are med growers. Wasnt expecting so many. So that helped me feel a bit better about the damage thats been done to the baby sprout. Added to the list are...

    (7) White Bubba Kush x Aliendog (The White x Pre 98 Bubba Kush / Alien Technology x Chemdog)

    (25) Ultimate Chemdog '91 (5 f1's & 20 f2's)

    (15) Jilly Bean x Ultimate Chemdog '91

    The JBxUC's aren't stabalized, nor the UC91 f2's, but i imagine ill find some good pheno's in the bunch.

    Out for now, peace.
  14. Bout time I can come see what ur up to! Thanks allgood. lol.

    Alien Technology huh? Whats the deal with that?
  15. Awesome strains man, cant wait to see how these grow out, might help me choose my next strain, ill be in and around man
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    Hey DR. I just read a big thread about the Alien tech over on another forum. The most consistent story seems to be its an Afghani Landrace that was bred by a US soldier and brought back home after his tour of duty. Never seen it in person, but have heard nuttin but amazing things about it. WElcome btw. Is that DD doin any better 4 ya?

    Thanks for stoppin by 313. right now i only have the one goin. But with the little acciedent, and the new arrival, i might be startin a few more real soon. :D
  17. Damn, glad you're my neighbor homie :smoking:.
  18. Back atcha! :wave:
  19. Damn good friend you have there!! If you wanna save that other one just that a cutting.

  20. In due time AG, in due time. Look on the bright side, your in a med state!

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