<b>the most weed youve ever smoked in 24 hrs </b>

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  1. well, for example today i smoked
    12 pretty decent joints
    a huge monster joint, it was a $50 joint. :)
    then we had like, 5 bowls that day.
    then when we got to my house i smoked another couple j's and about 5-6 bowls,

    idk if thats alot or not ahaha
    but i sitll wanna smoke some more,
    and i have more lol

    what about ?
  2. the most ive ever smoked in one day was a half O but i'm pretty sure a bunch of people have done way more than that
  3. Me and two of my buddies rolled up an ounce in blunts.... i doubt thats the most ever but it was a good day watchin football haha.
  4. An oz. But the last 3-4 be wernt even fun, lust hurt my lungs and I wasn't feeling any higher. I was candyflipping that day as well. Just wanted to smoke bowl after bowl. As soon as one was cashed I'd pack another one. Damn.
  5. Me and my friends drove to this lake and smoked ourselves retarded on 2oz of this dro... it was fun
  6. Ounce of middies, and a half ounce of dank.
    Good times. :smoking:
  7. why does your thread have /b/ on it:confused::confused::confused:
    i guess it looks cool but w/e most ive smoke is a half o of tha krip
  8. 2oz between five heads in a little kid playhouse. You couldnt even see a foot in front of you.
  9. Last 4/20 we hotboxed a crew cab of a truck. 4 people, a Oz. and two grams.
  10. outside the airport from 2-7 am at schripol airport...I had to finish what I had left over from a weeks stay in amsterdam

    7 grams from 13 diffrent strains

    and a little under 2 grams of hash

    All to myself

    All I had was 1 joint paper and a small spoon pipe....it was fuuny because I was at the benches directly infront of the doors, security saw me several times and even came near me walking...and all they did was smile.

    I had given up my hotel room a day early to get my deposit money back which meant I was homless the entire night before, lol I actually took a nap in the park between the rejikmuseum and the van goh museum...on the way to the airport i saw a guy getting serious medical attention, i think he might have been dead to be honest...he seemed lifless and there was a trail of blood 30 ft long down the encline where he layed...hah so all things considered when i finally walked in the airport I was extremely toasted
  11. I would say around a quarter.
  12. last 4/20 me and 4 friends we each went and pitched in for an oz. each and omg from 4:20 am to 4:20 pm all we did was smoke for 12 hours staight that was a fun fun day:smoking:
  13. haha not sure about the most in 24 hrs but me and 4 friends smoked seven blunts in one sesh...super kushed out that day haha good memories
  14. on my friends 17th bday we bought a half o of some dank and smoked 2 fatass blunts and then 20 bongs. o and we took all the keif from the grinder for teh last 2 bongs and had 2 huge mountains. never coughed so hard in my life :smoking:
  15. The most I've smoked, 4.5 grams of some headies and 10 grams of mids, with two friends

    Blunts and bong hits that whole day, one of the best days of my life for sure...
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    Why would anyone wanna smoke an O by himself? Especially since most of you are paying an hefty price to get that amount.

    After a while, there's a "plateau" you reach. Smoking more usually doesn't change much of your high.

    I'd imagine 8-10g is the most I ever smoked in one session. Bonging session that is. Packed around 15 bowls (0.5-0.6g bowls). I wasn't sure if my legs/arms/head were still attached to my body.

    Good times.

  17. 19 grams.
    19 blunts, 1 gram each.
    It's doable..
  18. the most i ever smoked was 56 grams on the dot highest i ever been in my life the ultimaite zone but the high wasnt quality then we still had a oz of some mid but it was my frineds and few people were bitching out and we had a bottle of jegger lol idk how to spell it i dont drink that stuff really but i was more focused on burning thru this bud i will never forget that day 2008 december 26th BALOOOWWWED there was like fucking 35 roaches from some fat ass blunts after that to crazy
  19. got a half oz of hempstar and a half oz of ak-48 for my b-day last year, rolled up most of those and blazed with some friends. 3 of us took down about 10 blunts 2gs each. I barely even remember that shit after the 5th blunt:p
  20. My 2 friends and I went through half an ounce last summer before/during/after a Dave Matthews concert. :smoking:

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