[B]Sick Clones purple stems leaves dieing help please[/B]

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    ICE & Chrystal
    2 week old clones
    rooted under an LED light
    have been out side for the past 4 days for natural sunlight
    I know its bad to use but its in Miracle Grow moisture control
    no added nutes for feeding since transplanted from rock cubes to soil... only water
    I just flushed to maybe fix the problem with water at 6.3 ph, I had no other choice my PH up/down was in the room with my sleeping ladies

    all new growth is dieing at tips and edges as well as dark red/purple stems

    This is my first ever post on any forum please provide any information you may know. ive been reading for hours and I cannot come up with a solid answer for myself, I need help

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  2. PS sorry I didnt rotate photos

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