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  1. Why does Grasscity not have a B/S/T? I think it would be useful for people to have a place where they can sell their used stuff to the Grasscity community. I don't know if it has been suggested before, but I think it would be a really great idea. Something to consider.
  2. people wouldn't wash thier pieces properly.

    Feds would start arresting people for mailing "narcotics" internationally (re: dirty bongs)

    GC would be closed down for facilitating the trade of narcotics across international borders.

    Something along the lines of that bullshit.
  3. And also because it's a store. :hide:

    Would they let you set up a lemonade stand in your local Jamba Juice? :p

  4. All they need is some disclaimer that assumes no responsibility for anything sold through the site.

    There is area for profit. They could have a section for new items/repairs section or something like that and charge a fee for people who want to post threads. Another forum I know has gold ups which bump your thread to the top and keep it there for an amount of time. Grasscity wouldn't be losing customers to used stuff would they? And plus, it doesn't have to be just bongs and pipes, they can have sections for misc items and what not.
  5. If jamba juice was getting a super cut of the profits maybe...

    Then again there would be hassles with insurance, first person to get sick from the lemonade would sue the ass out of Jamba juice, and not the lemonade stand.

    so probably no :eek:
  6. There are plenty of other forums for this. Adding it here wouldn't do anything but steal sales from the GC shop, and add unnecessary sketchyness onto GC's back.
  7. Ain't gonna happen here. Ever.
  8. im really in two minds....what was said about cutting into the gc store sales AND creating a layer of scum over gc are both logical to me too...on the other hand, i really see no problem in letting people hawk their used stuff in a sticky thread or something...

    one argument was about international packages with dirty bongs...how could the cops come after gc if gc has nothing to do with the actual sending of the stuff?....they dont arrest the manufacturer when someone sends a bloody knife thru the mail, they go to whoever sent it...

    my two cents anyway....
  9. That about sums it up. :p
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