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  1. Okay guys I am lightweight as fuck when it comes to smoking, 1 baby cone out of an apple gets me ripped, not even kidding. I keep my tolorence low by smoking 1 gram per week.

    Anyways I'm about to hit 4 gravity bongs out of 2L milk bottle. With huuuge bowls. I just hit 1 and I'm fucking blasted like this is the like a 100000000/10 like I'm so fucking high. And I'm gonna rip another lol

    I want to talk to you guys throughout my journey and I'll try reply to y'all, ask or say anything u want. :)

    Happy toking :smoking:

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  2. Sounds good , having a low tolerance is just great :) . Let us know on your journey.

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  3. Fuck me I was high. I could only do 1 gb hit cos it was like 2L of pure milky as smoke. Had minor hallucinations and can't remember the rest. I'm just so incredibly tired now and can't get out of bed. I'm gonna try do 4 quickly tommorow before the high hits

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