B is for Bong .. hehe

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. hehe :smoking:

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  2. have you heard that sesame street sound file floating around kazaa and imesh and such? it's really funny big bird and kermit are high and such it's hilarious
  3. LMAO I have that around here somewhere....thats a great little file. Its called sinsemilla street. they start going off and making asses of htemselves "hey kramit..hehehe I called you crammit"
  4. lol funny pic, man. i can just see the sesame street gang hanging out in the old birds nest passing the big blue bong. lol

    i've heard that sound file too. cookie monster is on it too.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....I LOVE THAT FILE..LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW.....NO...no im not..you caught me and i feel terribly guilty...im not STONED RANT ALERT...STONED RANT ALERT YOU ARE NOW EXPERIENCING A NAMRON STONED RANT!!listening to that at all..im listening to the alan parsons project, for those of y...i have aroach on my computer desk..not a bug roach..but a half of joint roach...ive done got to where i can smoke a half a joint and get high..this is good shit..better than my second half oz...little less as good than my first..the damn first half i bought was this one fat sensimilla bud covered in orange hairs..the bud itself actually had an orange tint to it..now that shit fucked me up..HAHAHA...I LOVE VENT...for those of you that done know, taking a hit of vent is the greatest thing for a coughing stoner..what im talking about is taking a big accidental hit of rank ass flavored stale smoke and coughing until the mucous of your esophagus is lining the floors and wall...and nothing at all can help...except for a super chilled hit of air conditioner vent...we call it hitting vent...ahhh...its great....i heard ducks earlier..they were quacking alot..i want to go fishing..fishing is great...i caught a big ole fucking fish one day, got it mounted on my wall..8 lbs 9ozs...i havent been fishing in forever..not bass fishing at least....last thing i caught was some damned ol limb bream...oregon oregon oregon..in my head is oregon, fuck if i know why..but its there....*YAWN*...went and watched goldmember tonight, that was some funny shit..me laugh long time...JOINT ROACH BLUNT BONG PIPE WEED CLIPS MONKEYS PARAPHANALIA..what am i talking about...i need a subject to rant on.....im zoned out right now...dont really feel much..not even looking at the compuer screen, eyes are closed..tired, mind is wide awake though...veins pulsing THC.i can feel it surging throuch my body, striking, stroking, brushing tickling arousing every nerve every receptor..DR TAR AND PROFESSOR FEATHER..ALAN PARSONS PROJECT..HELL MOTHER FUCKING YEAH!!!!!........gotta talk to people, rant over..maybe hank will get on so i can converse with him..just be a thread of hank and nam..chillin...sounds like were popular around here....MEOW!......

    *act as though there is no gigantic space there...if you admit to yourself OH MY FUCKING GOD...ok..RMJL..stay with me on this one....YOUR MIND...YOUR REALITY IS ONLY ONES PERCEPTION.....right?...ok...if marijuana changes your perception, then it changes your reality..therefore, when you get the crazy idea that you are 45 minutes older than everybody else, because weed changes perception, making time go by super fast, but our bodies going at the same speed...mental, fast..body, slow, therefore, in our mind 45 minutes have went by, when to our body only 1 minute went by..what the fuck am i talking about you ask...i dont know...im high.....anyway, perception is ones reality...right RMJL?...well..if dreams are our mere perception as dreams, what if they truly are our reality, and our "reality" is only our dream...what if our dreams are mere windows to our TRUE REALITY...what if ..FUCK IVE LOST MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT AGAIN......i am high, that is whats in my head..FUUCK...frustration at not being able to express my thought... CHALLENGE YOUR REALITY!!!!....think about your dreams...dreams hold so much more than many ever think... what is REAL is only in your head!!!...YOU ARE NOT REAL...we are merely reflections of our surroundings...mirrors..reflections of the times and people before us...everything you are is ingrained in you by your surroundings..NOTHING NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY is genuinely uniquely you!!..at one point or another it has come from some civilization or culture....the way you dress, the way you think, the way you respond, the way you analyze!...THAT IS ALL A PART OF OTHERS..WHAT YOU SAW WHAT YOU HEARD, WHAT YOU EXPERIENCED..THEY WERE ALL POUNDED INTO YOUR HEAD !!.....WHAT IN BLUE FUCKING HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT.........THATS INSANE SHIT!!!...ya know, i always thought in another dimension i was just a cow sitting on a couch..except it wasnt a couch, it was ice cubes.....mooo
  8. Im watching goldmember tonight. finally! yet to see it, so Im pregammin now, geting aaall ready to watch it in a lil bit. thanks all.
  9. Where is snuffalupagus? W is for waterpipe. :)

  10. or for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  11. Ok, Normsy Poo, I've tried to stay with you...yes, our perception apprehends ordinary objects through our senses therefore 'revealing' our reality. It's our non-sensory perception that is altered when we get high. Time is part of this. So, you're 45 minute increase in time as a point can be validated through the fact that your perception was altered.

    The dreams...I got a bit lost but I'm trying here, Norm...when we dream, then wake up, what we remember is perceived to be a dream. You're correct. I know our dreams are more than just that but I've always looked at it as something that's triggered by your subconscious which I suppose could be where your true reality that isn't perceived as reality yet is, comes from. The window, if you will, to your true reality.

    If your a cow sitting on ice cubes in another dimension, what the blue fucking hell does that make me?

    Anyway, you are right about our ways coming from others but what does make us unique is the combo of our ways. We all have different aspects to us that combined would be hard to match like DNA to another. Also, challenge everything and make your reality what you want it to be. It's possible!!!
  12. right now B is for vaporizer

    the matrix...watch THAT stoned

    oh god.
  13. i'm not keeping up with you anymore!
  14. salvia..salvia...salvia...

    if your quest is to search for different realities then smoke salvia...what?

    i smoked out of a vaporizer today, it was great, much better than anticipated..its great...great.......its great, i like it...im still stoned...hours lataer..
  15. I actually understood everything norm said

    shit- what's wrong with me- I'm not even stoned
  16. and another thing- did u ever see j and silent bob strike back norm? What a film...
  17. i wanted to the other day, but newgirlfriend had already seen it and didnt want to watch it again.

  18. lol..when does the new status get replaced?
  19. ok ok..ill refer to her as aneek from now on.

  20. aneek? did I read that right? what the hell is aneek?

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