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  1. Im in a quandry.:confused:

    I bought a new ReVolt 400 watt dimmable ballast. But it got me to thinking about bulbs. It seems that the technology is now up to a Super HPS with the Enhanced Blue Spectrum for better vegging. It completely does away with the MH and makes the rest of my CFLs obsolete. The bulb that came with the light kit works but its obsolete as well.

    I researched bulbs a bit and wonder Are they really that important? The Hortilux seems to be the standard (but its a hundred bucks . A CMH (Philips retro) was recommended by a respected grower. But its too expensive. Amazon has a 400 HPS Lumatek High PAR Bulb for 50 bucks that is widely recommended.

    Ive a bulb produced by Slaves (in misbegotten ancient factories, chained to their machines by promises of filthy lucre) in China for less than 10 bucks. But its history.

    Question is ... Whats in a Bulb?

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