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Azo Pills And Passing My Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CheerioCheef, Apr 19, 2014.

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      I read a lot on this site about AZO but no one really posted their results so I thought I would share mine. 
    I am not at all saying that this works for every one but it did for me. 
    A little background: I went to California for a whole month so of course I went crazy.. About 4 blunts a day, wax a couple times a week and edibles almost daily. I am a female 5'8 132 pounds and I have a high metabolism and not very active in anything athletic. 
     I went to Walgreens and bought a package of the normal Azo (Used for UTI's) and also bought 2 at home drug test and 3 gallons of water.  Azo is under $15 and many stores carries this and it is OTC.  I went home and ate a nice meal and then took 6 of those pills and drank about 3/4ths of a gallon of water. I was  peeing almost every 10 minutes and because of the dye in the pills your urine will be brown, orange, construction sign yellow but will go back to normal by you 10-15th trip to the bathroom.  14 hours later when my urine turned normal again (My third trip to the bathroom that day) I tested and it came up super fast as a clear NEGATIVE. 
     Now I have heard multiple things like one being that you will be clean until you smoke again (Which I doubt) . I will be posting later on this week after I test again to see if this is true or not.  If not I will just repeat what I did the night before my drug test and i will know for sure I will pass. 
    I tested this whole thing out with home drug tests to see if this would work and how fast and mine was over night. be careful not to consume to much water (Water poisoning) and please don't take these pills all the time because it is damaging to your liver. Always buy yourself some home piss tests to test yourself after this and before you go in for your real test. 
    I hope I helped some out there! 


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  2. I believe vitamin B complex does the same thing.

    I smoke on 1/5. I was always taught to reduce fractions.
    Nice! Do you take one a day or what's the process for those?
  4. I didn't fully read your post, but you take some a few hours before the test just to make sure your piss is yellow.

    I smoke on 1/5. I was always taught to reduce fractions.
     Oh yeah that makes sense. I would take those with this but it was already yellow and normal and wouldn't want to make it look strange. Automatic fail. I guess it just depends on how much you dilute your urine and this would be a good idea. 
  6. Yeah I wouldn't take both, just one or the other.
    I use the vitamin B complex mainly because it's more common to find around here, but then again I haven't heard about AZO so I haven't looked.

    I smoke on 1/5. I was always taught to reduce fractions.
  7. You just diluted your piss. It had nothing to do with the pills, don't rely on that.

    Diluting by drinking lots of water will change your piss to clear. Often people will eat vitamin B to make their pee appear yellow as to not arouse suspicion

    Basically those pills are expensive vitamin B supplements
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    I Have been drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks while sober and was still testing positive so duiliting my piss didn't even work I still tested positive. Believe or don't believe doesn't make a difference to me.  I didn't post this to go back and forth with anyone over the method but to let people know if they are trying to get clean fast here is the experiment I did and my results. Try it for yourself and if it works for you then great if not then there are other methods. If you have not tried for yourself you have no room to say it doesn't work as I obviously got a good negative from it and still testing negative. 
  9. That's because water only works within the 24 hour period before your test. It doesn't cleanse the immediate time frame before your test it makes it so you have more water than THC metabolites and fools the test
    So what is your reasoning for why I am STILL testing negative? This is one thing I don't like about this site everyone thinks they are an expert and trying to prove a point. Leave my post and go troll another you have nothing to add to it. You haven't tried it but apparently you know everything about everything.  Even if it is only for a 24 hour period you can still use this method to pass a drug test point blank period. if WATER works so well why for the past 2 weeks did I still show up POSITIVE after guzzling water? I mean since you know everything... remember 2 weeks. Exactly thank you and have a nice day go be a scrooge somewhere else thanks. 
  11. I'm not being a Scrooge or a know it all, I'm trying to promote actual information and keep nonsense about detox drinks and pills off this site where many people come for reliable information.

    Just because your opinion is wrong doesn't mean I am being a Scrooge? It's common knowledge in the drug test world that drinking water will lower the concentration of thc metabolites in your pee to fool many threshold screens

    This will only work on your current bladder load so drinking water days or weeks before the test does nothing to dilute or scrub these metabolites like many think
  12. How long after your smoking seshes did you test yourself? Small fast metabolism people can test positive quicker even if they smoke a lot
    You are very annoying. First off you are not a know it all but "Just because your opinion is wrong doesn't mean I am being a Scrooge? " . 
    I tested every other morning after drinking water and one time i tested twice that day when I was trying to dilute and I was still showing positive. Like I said It was 2 weeks clean and I started trying to dilute and it didn't work so I took the azo and waalaah the test was negative. Look if you don't believe in this method why are you still typing on here? Go away. 
  14. I just think you're pushing this product on people from a single anecdotal experience that runs contrary to thousands of experiences of people on here. Glad it worked for you
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    You think I am pushing a product? Please go smoke you are sounding ridiculous. I posted my results and clearly stated "I am not at all saying that this works for every one but it did for me." 
    You just want to complain... a man that complains like a woman ugh what has this world come to? I experienced it and shared it so take it or leave it like I said I could really care less especially if you have anything negative to say.  Do you really not have a life that you sit on here and troll? Get a life. 
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    AZO pills are most definitely hit or miss.
    if you drank 3/4 a gallon of water and took 6 azo pills.
    you drank 12 cups of water and diluted your urine big time.
    the AZO, works much like the B-vitamin complex as stated above...
    considering your big counter-argument is that you have been drinking 8 cups of water for two weeks so its not just the water....
    if you consume 8 glass in a single day, that is way different than chugging 3/4 a gallon in several hours.
    to sum it up, you just drank a shit load of water in a short time frame and masked the color with B-vitamins.
    that AZO did nothing but add color....
    another thing to note, those home test units are nowhere near as accurate as lab testing.
    best of luck.
  17. So did you find out if it kept you clean until you smoked again or only for that day? Help please
  18. So I'm in need of some advice. I have about 14 days left til my piss test. I am a female about 145 pounds and 5'8, I stopped smoking two days ago. Two days ago i smoked about 4 g's throughout the course of three days. I bought vitamin B-12 pills, cranberry pills, and Azo Urinary pain relief 12 pack of pills. I'm trying to decide when would be the best time to start taking the Azo pills and in what amounts.... I'm not sure if I should take them now or wait til about 4 days prior to taking my test since I don't know if the Azo will just clean out my system for one day or if it cleans it out until I smoke again. Reason why I'm skeptical about the azo cleaning out my system until I smoke again is because I've read that THC metabolizes constantly since it is stored in my fat cells, so therefore wouldn't the thc return after a few days of taking the azo pills? please help about your thoughts on when to take the pills, in what amount, and if i would need to take them twice since thc stays in my system. thanks. Also should I buy creatine or is what I'm doing enough?
  19. I have actually seen it work first hand with a friend of mine he smoked like everyday for years and we tried this method that I read online about someone doing and PASSING there's 12 tablets in one azo box take 4 your first day then take 3 your next day and 2 on your last day. It actually works Idk how I just know ffor a fact that it does indeed work now i am testing it myself I weigh more so I guess I'll just wait until Friday today is my second day of doing this. I will let you know if I succeeded just as my friend did! :)
  20. AZO...doesn't that stuff turn your pee orange? They warn that you should take out your contacts!!!

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