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Azamax proper usage? (spider mites)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by erockebomb, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. So I have reading about all different methods to get rid of spider mites. I sprayed heavily with Azamax on Saturday and have added a No pest strip.

    Anyone used Azamax previously and have any input on dosage and frequency?

    Also I saw somewhere that Azamax is better used as a soil drench for MJ as opposed to a foliar application. Seems that with a foliar spray you are taking it to where they live but i am open to suggestions....

    Thanks GC.
  2. Also I have the "safer" brand insecticide soap is it best to alternate between sprays so they can't build up a tolerance or just stick with the Azamax for few(4,5,6,7,8?) applications?
  3. I would go with the Azamax, and use it both for a foliar spray and directly in the soil. Doing it this way covers both bases so-to-speak.

  4. simple but brilliant. not sure why that thought didnt cross my mind, but I guess thats what we have GC for. thanks tex.

    just an fyi for anyone out there battling these little bastards the Azamax/no pest strip combo seems to be working(fingers crossed). I did my second application of the Azamax last night and then checked a few leaves under the micrscope today. Lots of dead or partially hatched eggs and not one live spider mite to be found. I will continue to apply every 3 days and hopefully none of these eggs will hatch. We'll see how it goes.

    I dont want to go nuclear unless absolutely necessary but I checked with my local hydro shop and they do have some Avid in stock in case it comes to that.
  5. Good to hear success with spider mite destruction. Those little bastards are tough!!
  6. Just an update for everyone:

    Its been a few weeks and no sign of mites. I did a total of 3 applications over 10 days. I have two strains WW and OG Kush. The WW was bearing the brunt of the infestation and the mites seemed to just ignore the OG Kush. I treated all plants and the WW seemed to handle the Azamax with no problems but the OG Kush responded very poorly and just havent looked the same since.

    Moving forward I will be using Neem biweekly through veg and 2 weeks into flower as a preventative measure.

    So bottome line the Azamax works but might be tough on your girls.
  7. Or if you don't wanna blitz your girls on the Aza, try Mite-Rid instead:


    ...it works, and isn't harsh on the greenery! (We use it down under in Oz, made local but available in the US)
  8. yea dude i thought u were only supposed to use it once a week as a drench but if they handled it more power to them. but yea the foliar is to get on the mite eggs and destroy them before they hatch and also to stop ones that are alive still from getting any bigger. the systemic is so when they eat the leaves, they swallow the poison and stop growing and die. that stuff works wonders with the mites, they dont really develop a tolerance that much anyway. good luck man
  9. Just talked to the teck guy at general hydroponics, he didnt miss a beat when I said I was growing medical MJ. He said folier and soil drench every seven days, if heavy infestation use 4 tablespoons per gallon. when used in hydro use 24 to 36 hrs before res change.. Happy growing, this is the only thing that really works and is worth the crazy price..
  10. my friend had mites bad. dj short bluebrry widows chocolops mites love thesweet strains. azamax wipes them out tough. best pesticide there is. took care of my budworms as well. yea soil drench 7-10 days depending on severity, and foliar 1-2 a week. the foliar is absorbed faster so therefore begins working faster. the soil drench is the best tho, stops the growth and reproduction of the little fucks. i use 15mls a gal for soil drench and 7-10mls for a 1q foliar bottle. good luck man
  11. Floramite works great ...on ebay $12 for a 1/2 oz.... makes 12 gallons.... has a 3-4 week residual effect... kills eggs.:hello:
  12. floramite kills eggs, holy shit!! Ill ck that out, have you used it yourself. sounds like a stupid question but you know..
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    Myself and others:wave: but it has gone up in price $16 now:D http://cgi.ebay.com/1-2oz-BTL-FLORA...emQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ca5c44c2d

    Spray bottom and tops of all leaves..... all stems... top of soil...spray in a well vented area and wear rubber gloves

    After you spray your plants.... make sure your grow area itself is cleaned with a water bleach solution or something like Mr. clean....if you have a intake fan make sure to use a hempa filter to screen the mites.

  14. Ok thank you very much vapemaster, I just ordered a 2oz floramite from joe chronic on ebay for 44.95 including shipping. Azamax seems to be slowing the little bastards down but I am still seeing them, I was excited to see that floramite kills eggs.. I did a few minutes of reserch on it and the only person that said anything bad about it said use it as a last resort so we dont make a strain of spider mites that are resistant to it.
    Fuck it I want to kill the little bastards, they will make new stuff to kill em.
    I will also switch back and forth if needed, I hope I dont have to.
    The only thing Im worried about is the little excerp that you posted at the bottom of your post says its for ornamental plants, I hope its ok for consumables..
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    if you use it right you will only have to apply it one time .....then prevention is the key to avoid any other infections.

    make sure that you are atleast 4 weeks from harvest.... so the pesticide clears the plant ...they say 21 day residual give it a extra week or 2 just to be sure.

    In other words dont use on your plants if you have less than a month left
  16. Alright buddy, I just found a website about floramite that says it just got the OK for hothouse tomatos. That made me feel much better, I will remember what you said about time till harvest. Im really glad you spoke up about this stuff, I have been doing a ton of research about spider mites and never saw floramite..
    Sorry for jacking this thread about azamax, I still think azamax is great stuff and since I used it in the soil drench and folier the mites today are gone as far as I can tell

  17. Aloha ORcoast,

    Did you follow directions to the "T: when applying AzaMax? I'd sure hate to destroy my ladies. I'm about six weeks out from harvesting. I truly don't need any accidents this late in the game. But I do have some fucking little bastards running around my grow!!!!:eek:
  18. Just started up my grow about 2 months ago. Got clones and got mites. Decided to use a combo treatment of floramite, and azamax. Made a 5 gallon solution w the floramite. 1/2 tsp per gallon and dipped every plant. Then sprayed down both vegging and flowering rooms w the left over floramite mix. Then I turned my heater off and left the room for 24hrs. When I came back to check all adult mites were dead. I was watching the babies hatch, crawl around for about 20 min and die :hello:

    Next step is the azamax to kill any survivors. I'm drenching the whole lot at 2 tblsps per gallon. Already done w my diesel babies and they didn't seem to mind the treatment at all. Then I'm going to dip them all in 5 gallons of the same azamax solution. Followed by another room spray down.

    I caught mine real early, and I think this is key. Check your plants every day. Cut off any leaves that are touching the soil. Cold temps slow down the life cycle. Clean, clean, clean. Be very wary of taking in anyones clones. Cut off portions of the plant that are infested as soon as u see it. If you have one plant that has a particularly bad infestation throw it out, and if u made a clone of it throw it away too. Some plants just seem more susceptable. Cycle your treatments to avoid the borg...

  19. thanks for the advice brah! But those little bastards didn't turn out to be the problem for me. Upon checking out my closet, I diiscovered 'Powdery Mildew"? Like i need this shit now!?!@?! Normally I'd just subject them to a sulfar burn. But some I don't want buds smelling like "Sulfur Farts".

    Any idea how to combat the PM? How can I lower my humidity?

    mahalo brah!

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