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Azamax and Dutch Masters

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by thadarkfarmer, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I was curious if anyone has ran azamax as a systemic while running the full line of dutch masters in a DWC(deep water culture) setup. I know that zone will kill everything, but I want to also use azamax.
  2. The nuts I use are good to go. I have talked to the reps and done research on the companies.
  3. just making sure. wouldn't want anyone unknowingly using poison like i almost did.
    "The makers of Phosphoload, Dutch Masters market their product with these out-right lies;

    “Dutch Master PhosphoLoad utilizes a new technology which extracts unique isolates from coal derived humates. These are powerful earth elements that unlock the floodgates for a fast & powerful flowering response. When used, PhosphoLoad produces dramatically larger and heavier yields of flowers with an average yield increase of 25 to 30%.”

    While Phosphoload may contain “powerful earth elements” it also includes; 17,800ppm Daminozide and 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol. These two dangerous chemicals are not approved for crops intended for human consumption, and should never be used for growing medicine."
  4. Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Dutch Masters just straight up lied about what was in Phosphoload. Sure, the reps and such swear they're telling the truth now about what's in everything else. But who's to know?

    You can say you talked to the reps and "done research on the companies" but that doesn't mean you know the truth. It only means you know what you found. Who knows what you didn't find.

    I'm not trusting my plants to a product made by DM, I can't trust DM.
  5. the truth is that nutrient companies are under far less of a watchful eye when listing their ingredients......sometimes its not until i see the MSDS on a product i know whats ACTUALLY in it....

    I almost used an "organic" tea mix called killer tea and found out that it contains one of the very same additives as AIRPLANE FUEL!!! needless to say im not using that garbage...... but that information was only found because i actually looked for it....
  6. this thread was about using azamax with DM and it has turned to something completely different. If you are so worried about what you put in your plants and your body then you would be off the grid and not even on this site. You would be out in the wilderness doing your own thing maybe talking to people here and there to pass on how you grow. Needless to say you would be growing all of your own food and wouldn't be conjesting all kinds of fatty foods like fried chicken and elephant ears among numerous others. Yes I am aware that there are bad products out there and not everything is under a watchful eye. If you want to make sure you do not have any harmful products in your plants then take the time to distill your own water not RO and also produce your own nutrients to give your plants. Or pay to have every product you use tested to be sure there isn't anything you don't want your plants to consume.
  7. what the fuck are you talking about dude you obviously are using some bottled bullshit full of carcinogens and turning a blind eye.....and why in the hell would you assume the specific foods i eat? elephant ears? what the fuck?

    and FYI i grow organically with no bottled nutrients and i know EXACTLY whats in my buds

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