AZ MMJ laws Suck

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  1. If you got a mmj card for valid reasons you might as well be under house arrest inAZ.
    I have Myotonic dystrophy and the weed helps relax my muscles at night before I go to bed. So it is used almost daily. I don't ever smoke outside of my own house and I do not drive if I have smoked within 8 or so hours. I also never have any in the car unless I am coming back from dispensary.
    In AZ your employer and the cops have access to the list of people that have a mmj card. If you are pulled over for anything the cop can look to see if you have a card. If you do then you get tested. If any trace amounts are found in your system you then get a DUI. If my company found out then I would more than likely loose my job.
    Almost seems like a sting operation that ever one knows about.

  2. Yep this state sucks ass, at least everyone can still
     get dispensery quality card or not  :smoking:
  3. The OP is very inaccurate.
    Neither the cops nor your employer has access.
    You have to show signs of impairment and fail a field sobriety test to be tested (Although an appeals Court is currently fucking that law up).
    If your company finds out, it depends on the nature of your job as to whether they can fire you or not. For most jobs, they have to prove that you are high at work in order to fire you. :smoke:
    Plus, AZ cops are way more concerned with whether or not you are drunk at the wheel.
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    Here is the artical that states employers and police have access to who has a mmj card and who does not.
    Here is the artical that says you can get a DUI if weed is found in your system even if you are not imparied.
    I agree with you that (in my case) the employer has to have valid concerns that you are high/imparied while at work to fire you.
    I might be paranoid but it just seems like card holders are exposed.
  6. Maybe, but they only pull over Mexicans in Arizona - it's a state law or something :laughing:
    Perhaps the difference is in what is meant by access.?
    The cops and an employer can not just randomly browse the database. The must be given the card number and then can verify it's validity.
    Being stopped for any reason still does not give an officer a reason to ask if you have a medical card.
    The Dui instance is the case I referred to. Hopefully it will be appealed higher and the right ruling can kick in.
    I dislike the idea of being in  a database, it definitely can be a double edged sword.
  8. I wouldn't care. I would shove a saguaro cactus up the cop's ass.
    hahahahahaha i'm kidding i would never do that. But it would be funny to see in a movie.
  9. Coming from Texas, be grateful that you guys are at least progressing forward.
  10. Pretty sure they can't search a person's name.  What the database is used for is for when someone tells their employer they use MMJ or tell a cop that they possess it, and the employer or the police officer needs to verify that the person is a cardholder and therefore are legal.

    "When accessing the ID Card Verification System, enter in the cardholder's card number to see the cardholder's name and card status. Please note that pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) §36-2807(A), "…employers may use the verification system only to verify a registry identification card that is provided to the employer by a current employee or by an applicant who has received a conditional offer of employment."
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  12. Come to California. We have cookies and a dark side.
  13. I would come to CA but I can never get through the traffic.

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