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  1. Is everyone still here?????  Or has this section died off?

  2. Reptilian aliens and Illuminati have taken over.  
  5. garrison! I missed yu man
  6. Budsmokn!!!!

    I just looked at your profile the other day and saw you hadn't logged in, in a while. How's it been my man?

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  7. Has anyone seen my baseball?
  8. good man good i just havent been online all summer I got a new girlfriend and shit been partyin a lot lol just been too busy to worry about our collapsing empire hahah
  9. Well welcome back to reality, unfortunately. Have you been keeping up with Egypt?
  10. Took a break because of a lot of reasons, but I'll be posting more now.
  11. not at all honestly...
  12. Damn, I was wondering where you'd been recently too, lol.
  13. Well light up, sit back, and read the pages here in the Politics section.
  14. Pretty much died off. :)
    I feel like this place is still pretty alive. Quite a few regulars keep this place going. No offence to any libertarians here, but I do feel like since there are so many, many threads turn into a "government is bad" argument very quickly. Rather than debating the issue at hand, we often jump to the more general philosophical ideologies.
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    it's been so dead since @yurigadaisukida  left
  17. yuri left? when did that happen?

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