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    Hey I'm Gnarlie.
    I'm just your neighborhood pal that your parents always warned you about.
    I like Mac Miller and I like to read in the woods.
    Don't put cheese on my burgers or I'll cry.
    I can be mean but.. Hey I can be nice too.
    These northern states are rad.
    I was apart of some dumb forum and I left so don't be boring, k?
    I'm high and I don't wanna type anymore. 

  2. Oh boy, we've got a live one.
    Welcome to the city, mate. I wouldn't go around shouting about us not being boring; we don't owe you shit. And this is the greatest community on the internet if you ask me, so if you can vibe, hop aboard.
    At any rate, hope to see you around. I dig the username. :smoke:
    Thanks for the welcome, dude.
  4. welcome welcome.

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