Ayo Errbody! I Needa No If Dis Shit Es Legit!

Discussion in 'General' started by Gangbanger313, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. What up my people, i been just chillen bumpin the alpine staightttt back in the cut just chillenn, naw mean and i was like damn, once a nugga get shot out here it aint a game no more, is like everything changes andfor the bad really bad mayne. but anyway i been coppin sacks like a everyday after i get my jerry curl done no what im saying cuz a brother gotta look good you naw im saying i gotta hold it down for residence 313 all day baby. peep dis sack. my sack is is one the top right side of the picta, i copped that shit for 250$. i cameout with a fat smile on my face cuz when i go in there to get sacks he usually just gets upin my face and punks my ass in front of my boys and shit im like damn bitch ass get the fuck down you dont know whats upi been holdin it down and sometimes he gives me sacks, but this sack would usually go for 300$ but i think he likes me and hes hookin itup more now cuz the more gangster i am the cooler, you nah mean?
  2. wtf are you saying ENGLISH MAN ENGLISH

    sorry :smoke:

    EDIT: uhhhhhh its not safisticated....probably somewhat like the opposite
  3. ayo sorry mayne this is my safistikated vioce you naw im saying man
  4. are you serious? if you really paid 250 for that than you jacked ma fucka. naw im saying?
    edit: whys the picture from urbandictionary?
  5. ayo i got the sack picta from the website cuz i needa to show yall tje deals i be getting in this hood, that aint actually my weed but it look the same as that you naw mean man? im feeling a good vibe off you man, thanks for keepin it fresh man, i know how that shit is sometimes mayne. aight? paYCE!

  6. what the fuck is going on!?!?
  7. ayo why does errrbody gotta hate on me man. i always get this shit from my pops and my ma but i wanna getsome respekt you naw I mean,no onethinks im a real man, but fuck that manyne im a big MAN!
  8. i am fine with people typing like they speak(KSR :) )

    but it is hard to understand when you do not spell things as they are meant to be spelled

    we are not hating(well maybe some are) but it is hard to read they way you type

    and $250 for that small amount......you got ripped off bbbaaaaddddd
  9. This has to be a joke. HAS to be.
    Are you that RoorLilSista dude?


    EDIT: Guess not, as there both in here at the same time.
  10. ayo yo tokerblue man thanks for that man. i mean, this guy i know he aint rippin me off he put me to the side one day was like nugga dis is the green man, this shit i cant let go for cheap or ima geta baseball batt in my face man, your theonly one i can trust with dis shit man.and i was aight den, let me have at this reefa, and then i be getting my papers out and we be smokin and tokin and i bust out my little flashlight sneek and toke and i was like check this out man, fucking ninja right here. i bust out a fast little hit and Put that shit away man, and i was like the wind man, you guys sohuld call me swift man.
  11. some people have way to much time on there hands.
  12. u r a big man
  13. Yeah its green. But you got ripped off it thats all for 250. Even if it was dank i wouldnt pay that much for what you got there.
  14. ayo man time is money so nex time you be all up robbin a bank rember that you robbin my time man
  15. elmore leonard couldnt follow that jive...
  16. ayo man this is my page so new rulz for everony to followman just 2 rule u gotta no to be in here number 1. youi cant diss me 2. no smacktalkin about the blue aigh cuz?
  17. uhhh yeah what blue toker said

    just spell shit out right
  18. ayo rule 3 number man no makin fun of my school a billatys aigh cuz?
  19. LMAO... I found this thread hiliarious!
  20. ayo ERRYONE! i needa second leada for my page rigt here, so who wnats to man up and be the boss of the bosses?
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