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    Aye what's up stoner people, obviously my name is Hunter. I'm a 17 year old dude from Florida. I've grown quite fond of cannabis, and I've been lurking this forum for a bit, so I figured I could just join it. I spend a good percentage of my time toking with my friends, but I like other things as well. I enjoy skateboarding, drawing, music of all kinds, watching Netflix, meditating, and spreading good vibes. You'll never see me without a beanie on, I have 3/4" stretched ears, and honestly I'm pretty damn sexy haha. I have a blonde cat named Waffles who sleeps on my pillow. And I like to play guitar and sing.

    That's about all I can think of right now about myself, so yeah, I'm here and shit yo
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  1. Delete your post bro. People on here are dicks about people under 18 and theyll report you. Utlimately theyll disable your account. These old farts are stuck in there days when you didnt smoke "pot" at 16. Anyways delete it for your own good
  2. Lol this guy hah what's up hunter I'm 19. About to eat some hardcore edibles and trip out haha

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  3. I doubt it, relax.

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  4. Maybe you should delete your post saying "people on here are dicks" and "old farts". Just a thought, but people may take offense from that.

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  5. That was the point.
  6. Every single post i see where someone mentions being under 18 someone has to report it. Obviously blades are law abiding citizens
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    @That One Stoner

    Just because you don't understand the reason behind the rule doesn't make your thinking correct.
    In fact it really makes one think that you too are immature and may not be old enough to be a member here. It definitely makes you look less then the desired type of Blade that roams these City streets.

    Minors are not allowed due to legal ramifications.

    Edited to add: Encouraging others to ignore or to break the rules is also a rule.
    I suggest you read (and heed) the forum guidelines.
  8. Awesome. Im 19 man Ive been smoking since a youngin and ive never seen a problem with it. People under 18 are allowed to get mmj cards with a parents signature. Obviously florida isnt one of them but it seems pretty hypocritical to be talking about "legal" problems. I dont see pictures of people growing being flagged because its illegal?

    Anyways age doesnt speak for maturity. He might even be more mature than me
  9. Legal problems for Grasscity. It has been an issue from some parents in the past.
    I'd rather not see us get shutdown.
  10. All they can do is have an age limit at sign up. Whether kids lie or parents arent supervising isnt their fault. I dont think it would be an issue unless grass city was advertising to minors.
  11. Well yeah, that and enforce the rule that we have.
    If folks are advocating and protecting minors then it does become a problem.
    We can also see pre-edited material, and folks often quote the minor, so there is a record of actions that could bite us in the ass.

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