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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by OscarZetaAcosta, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. I was wondering if there was anyway that the admin could automate the process for purchasing a GC subscription? I'm not bitchin', I'll catch my gold username when you get on...Just thinking of something that could be helpful to both the community and the admins.:cool:

    See? I can be fuckin' helpful when I want to be.:cool:
  2. Lol I didn't know many people ordered those gold and silver packages here in GC

  3. Surprisingly there are much more bronze and gold than silver.... and their numbers are quite numerous and grand.
  4. Is it worth the $?..
  5. I just want the color...If my name sticks out more my awesomeness has a tenfold chance of spreading to other youngsters.:cool:

    Might even use the shop perks when it comes around, eh, dunno.:cool:
  6. I can respect that :cool:
  7. Exactly why i'm buying a silver when I get the chance. I've seen like 3 silvers, ever.

  8. That's up to you to decide. :p

    Some benefits of it are the fact that if you get the gold membership you get a larger signature and avatar, and the fact that the entire Nirvana forums are unsearchable and private. Meaning no posts from there will appear on search engines or searches of GrassCity.

    If you're a grower or just someone who likes your privacy, that could be worth it to you.

    It also seems to be a more low-key and friendlier area of the forums, probably because trolls aren't too likely to purchase a membership. And once someone does pay, they're probably a little more careful of the rules so as not to get banned and waste their money. ;)
  9. I actually never realized this before. I'll investigate a process to get this automated.
  10. yeah the donation is worth it..

    even if you don't post in the forum, you're helping keep the server running, and free of annoying ads all over the place.
  11. Please contact Support for the Shop...they have to look your order up anyway to have me or someone else change you over.
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