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Aye i'm pretty new. Few questions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by christysky, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    It hasn't been long since the first time i got high, but ever since then I've been high almost every other day. it's been maybe a week or two. I've never smoked, i've just been using brownies. The first time I had it I ate the whole thing and I was pretty much gone for a day. Didn't remember any of that day then the next day was pretty much sleep. But now I just take a few bites and I'm pretty high.

    But now, I wanna try smoking it.

    -How much am I supposed to pay? [for a rolled blunt, a bag, or whatever they sell it in]
    -Is it a better high with edibles or smoking?
    -How to get the best of my high?

    and pretty much anything else I need to know. I really don't know much about anything and I don't have stoner friends to ask and have experiences with so pretty much I'm on my own lol.

    Please and Thanks,
    ChristySky :]
  2. get some dank ass weed n' a bong yo

    cost depends on quality and quantity
  3. It's probably a better high with edibles. But some prefer smoking.

    As for the price, it depends on what your buying. I'd say 10 dollars a gram should do it.

    To get the best of your high, smoke the weed, sit on the couch, and watch spongebob.
  4. I prefer smoking. Also dealers don't sell blunts. You should bring a blunt wrap to you're dealers house buy a few grams and ask him to roll it up for you. But a blunt can really knock you on you're ass. Id reccommend a bong. It conserves weed and gets you nice and baked.
  5. - Don't buy pre-rolled things, it's probably filled with grass.
    - That's based on your preference.
    - Enjoy it.
  6. If you plan on smoking, dont buy anything pre-rolled. It's easy as hell to mix some bud with oregano / parsley and say its dank.

    If you are tired of edibles and want to smoke, learn how to roll a join/blunt or buy a bowl or a bong.
  7. - 5$ for a cigarette sized joint. Prices vary but 1 gram is generally 10$, 1 gram is usually about the size of half of your thumb.

    - The high comes on within minutes, and peaks after 5-15 minutes. Lasts a couple hours. You probably need less if you smoke, generally a few puffs from a joint will get you feeling good if you havent smoked every day.

    - Eat before you get high, have some munchies and drinks, weed lowers blood sugar and that feels really bad when that happens. Just do things you enjoy, listen to music, talk to people, play video games, meditate, etc. Anything you like, weed is an enhancement.
  8. See thing is, I don't know where to buy a bong and how the hell imma hide it from my mom (lol) and I don't know where to buy paper to roll, (and I don't know how to roll) My friend suggested an apple bong? Don't know how to make that fersure. and wouldn't it be hella ashy?
  9. Ok well let me start by telling you the three types of weed (A good 70% of the time it is regs, REMEMBER someone saying it is dank doesn't mean it is try to smell dank when you get a chance)

    Regs, shwag ext is 5$ a gram in my area I don't see it being more then 10$ at the most

    Mids is 10$ a gram maybe 15-20$ I am not sure about your area

    Dank,beasters,fire (Same thing) is 20-30$ a gram but I don't reccomend it until you master regs

    And the high is great for a newbie like you, A nice half bowl of regs when I started would get me frizzleddd so pace yourself with it, you might want to have someone show you how to take effective hits as well as holding it in and all of that fun stuff. Enjoy coughing your lungs out it is going to be a pretty normal occurence when you are a newbie so if you aren't coughing there is a good chance you are doing something wrong

    Happy toking :smoke:

  10. u just started edibles two weeks ago, never smoked before, so i'm guessing you get your edibles from ???

    since u said u don't know how much to pay, i would think that your edibles won't be from a dispensary, they have pricelists.

    ask the people whom u get edibles from on how much it costs, it's better than asking the forum.

    where u are located affects the price as well.
    quality of the product affects the price as well.

    it's a different high, edibles are body high, smoking is head high.

    if you are asking about the most effective way of getting high from smoking and if i remembered correctly, with regards to smoking, the effectiveness is

    blunt/joint -> bong -> vaporizer

    vaporizer being the most effective

    if you are asking about the best way to make your high last as long as possible, different people have different ways. you got to find your own.
  11. I never liked apple bongs, try a waterbottle one or a soda can works great too, I didn't have my first piece for months so be patient, they are a little hard to hit but putting a nice fat gram of regs in a waterbottle used to get 4-5 of us blazed lol
  12. Don't use soda cans please :(, water bottles are fine imo, though.

  13. dispensary? and What i meant was how much should i pay.

  14. spongebob is cool but its all about family guy. But with family guy its very delicate. You cant smoke too much or you wont get any of the jokes and just look on with a retarded look and get bored half laughing for no reason lol. You gotta get right in the middle. High but know what your doing :D

    But with spongebob you can just get rediculously baked and laugh your ass off at the stupid shit he does. Both are just awesome and i think were made for stonners at heart :cool:
  15. your average off the street blunt is anywhere from 5-20$ man depending on quality and smoking>eating.

  16. Ok since your new just pay $10 per gram for stuff thats decent it will get you baked. It depends on the person whether edibles or smoking gets you higher or what is a more enjoyable high. To get the most out of your high, whilst being baked listen to Dubstep music, take a shower, try to do stuff you would do sober and see how they turn out lol
    Happy toking

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