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    Is a ayahuasca trip really like this?
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FINU71FyMto]YouTube - Ayahuasca DMT trip[/ame]
  2. An Ayahuasca trip is this;

  3. Hahahahaha sure, man.
  4. WOW! Could ya imagine? Would be scary
  5. Yes, that's about right, well the visuals at least. I have a few of my ayahuasca experiences detailed on here
  6. Haha, but you dont feel like you are going through a eternal hell of all your sins when you watch that video :cool:
  7. The visuals can be that intense if you know what you're doing with the drug.
    I'm sure you know, ayahuasca isn't a high. It's a spiritual voyage.
    The purge is very symbolic, and the things you learn are priceless.
    Mysteries will be revealed to you. The world will be on the tip of your fingers.
    I've never done an ayahuasca voyage without the help of a shaman, and if you're thinking about taking one, I would suggest that you fully prepare yourself.
    It is definitely the ride of your life.
  8. Yes. Although I no longer use a shaman for my ayahuasca journeying, I did have the opportunity to work with one in Peru 2 years ago. I'm comfortable enough with my own form of shamanism now to find my way around those realms. Pretty cool to have another person on here who agrees!

  9. Doesn't ayahuasca make you throw up? And that's supposed to be the "cleansing"?
  10. Wow that would be fucking intense. Are you really in another world like that for like 6 hours?

    I couldn't even immagine. Much respect lucas for being able to do shit like that. And anyone else that can.
  11. Im pretty sure you're thinking of Mescaline.

    I plan on doing Mescaline first from San Pedrow before I move my way up to DMT from Ayahuasca.
  12. Nope I found it, it's ayahuasca.

    Quote from Erowid: "Ayahuasca is known for its tendency to induce vomiting in many users, its rich & complex visual effects, its reported healing spiritual healing properties, and its powerful mind-changing entheogenic effects."

    I got it from here: Erowid Ayahuasca Vault: Basics

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