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ay yo ay yo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kpaulsac, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. just made a new sobe, the ultimate sobe. i took this look glass chillum/ crack pipe lookin thing, put that into the sobe cap. this is the perfect bowl because it fits exactly 1 sobe hit in it.....pissin me off though cus i only have like .5 of my mango left, i need to find some dankage pronto, ill get some picks up after my session:smoke:
  2. the pipe thingy [​IMG]<br/>

    mango [​IMG]<br/>

    milkin it [​IMG]<br/>

    wake and bake at 7 am when no one was home.....ay yo
  3. mmmmmm........milk
  4. I'm a bit confused.. where do you pack the bowl.. and where do you breathe in? It must be because im not used to chillums.
  5. Sobes MESS YOU UP man.
  6. try and make a grommet or something duct tape probably aint to healthy dude
  7. you pack it into the top of the glass thing, and the duct tape doesnt atcually touch any of the area where smoke travels through
  8. That looks like fun. A mere upgrade to the old toilet paper rolls that I used to make into Steam Rollers. Its nice to be the MacGyver of Bong construction. It will make you liked very much by your friends who smoke.
  9. Yes, where do you inhale?
  10. With most sobe's you take the cap off and inhale.

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