Axial fan too loud....

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  1. Today I got a 6'' Axial fan from EcoPlus and that thing gets loud in my cabinet....Anyone have any Ideas on a way to put a duct outlet on it because I want to put a carbon filter on it and this would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.....a muffler and a carbon filter.....

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  2. Same problem Man i got a 16" x 16" x 50" cab 2 chambers 2 intakes and 2 outakes sounds like a electric heater running in my room all the time
  3. Well yesterday I took some measurements and made a square frame around it out of 1/2 think wood and then stapled a mesh screen over it ( big enough for good air flow but small enough for me to put active carbon in it) then I added another inch square wood frame over it leaving a cutout on the top frame between the 2 mesh screens so I can add the carbon.....This fixed my odor problem that will arise muffle that bad bod I did the same on the outside with a 2'' wood frame around the fan and found a metal piece for ducting at lowe's that makes it so I can connect a 6 inch circular fitting on it, then added some ducting and a DIY muffler ( buying one is stupid because its just duct fittings with foam around the inside and it works really well....makes it to the point where I can have the fan on full power and it only sounds like an average fan......I will post a drawing picture first then the built setup if youd like to check it out but it makes it so my "stealth box" is still stealth....
  4. I jimmy rigged my axial to my ducting. I cut a piece of thick cardboard, in a square, cut a circle in the middle of it, then attached it to my ducting. I then screwed my axial fan to the cardboard base, which worked reallllly well for 5 minutes of work.
  5. i un-screwed my fan a little used some silicone on my fans edges and it is silent now.
  6. Would love some pictures

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