Awww, shit.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Im just a little dissapointed, but actually when I think about it it is a good learning opportunity...and right from the start too, My plant is a hermie... Its because of that damn intermatic timer...Jeez does it suck, Im quick to blame... It just wouldnt keep consistent times and once i realized that, it was already too late, thus the light sched. was non constant and shuffled, plus I think I had a few light leaks, but thats ok, the male balls (which are situated right next to the females, but it appears as though its only on the axial sites) are still small enough to pluck, and so I will...tomorrow when she comes out of her sleep. Today, I sealed my little grow shelf reall nice, no more light If I go soil again for my next grow in the same setup I wont have the same trouble, unless its a ditie from the start. But shes gettin full of pistills on the upside! I am curious appears that it stopped growing (at around 26 inches) and its not getting any bigger, I thought that it was supposed to grow large in a reletively short amount of time? I also purchased two digital timers, (a dual pack, one indoor and one outdoor...just because) for 14 bucks, looks like they are decent, the guys got more so If your looking for a timer look for stanley johnson on ebay... anyway, Ill give you guys a pic of her tomorrow. Im off to the sac. Take care.

  2. This is a full flouro grow, I am using 2 - 40 watt CW tubes. These have taken it from seed to where its at now for the most part. for a while it was getting direct sun exposer at its peak (around mid-day) so intensity was at its max, When I switched to 12/12 she flowered rapidly, but showed no new growth. each day I look, and I notice more pistils, so I know shes still alive in there. I am aware that these are not the best lights to use, but I'm attemping to increase in my knowledge base before I upgrade, as with everything, I try and go slow. I improvised a grow cab, if you want to call it that, ('newbie growing on metal shelving unit', has its description) and pretty much everything else, it was fun and still is, but I know that there WAS light leakes, however small but leaks none the less, getting in there (this has been fixed yesterday, shes tight now.), and I know the timer wasn't consistent, it still isn't, Im awaiting my digitals to arrive in the mail, hopefully ill get em today... So thats the scoop for now.

    Take care.

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