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Discussion in 'General' started by skittles, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Its boom time in my town again! for an 8th for 40, usually runs 50 around here.

    forst time ive had the money and my first time doin them.. cant wait! eatin them either tomorroe night or sunday morning

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  2. mmm those things look ill!! have a good time man :hello:
  3. 1. clean your table
    2. i've been thinkin recently about taking shrooms. you see shit on em? or do you usually just sorta feel crazy. i've heard a lot of people dont see anything

  4. Depends, but usually if you take more than half an eight you're pretty much guaranteed you'll see stuff.
  5. dude come down south, you yanks get ripped off for caps from what ive seen on the forums. ill hook you up:smoking: anyway, have fun!
  6. 1/8 goes for $20 max around here.


  7. From now until you eat them, don't eat. More intense effects on an empty stomach. Most likely, you won't see things that aren't there, but you may see colors and shadows changing in intensity, making for great visuals to trip to.
  8. do the cranberry or lemon/lime trick, i swear youll talk to framed pictures.
  9. ^^ I want to do that! next time shrooms come around ill defently be trying the cranberry juice methoid :D


    40 for an 8th is alot but depending on your area some times you just dont have a choice :mad:

    Looks like fun man enjoy, you might see stuff I dont think ive ever not seen anything I usually do about 4-5 grams if I can get that much when I do shrooms.

    Enjoy your trip man!
  10. in central florida its fee... sorta... i got some friends who go pick them themselves. is there anything special you have to do to them before you eat em?

  11. for 40!?! they go for 15-20 an 8th round here in da bay.
  12. It makes me feel sick just looking at em :eek:. I think they taste aweful.

  13. Just make sure you clean all the cow shit off of them!:D
  14. ate em lastnight.. I was trippin pretty hard after 2 gs and i ate the whole 8th. Lasted maybe 6 hours.

    Just tasted like fucking ass
  15. Why? i mean obviously, but when i think about it ive definitely put much worse substances than cow shit in my body. hmm.

  16. Cleaning off the cowshit improves the taste somewhat...:D
  17. damn, dude that's alot of psilocybin. have fun on your travels, be seein ya on the return.
  18. i have found that for people like me who have tripped before that 2.3g's is like a perfect trip everytime and you still get good visuals if there bomb shrooms

    2.3 and a few bowls while your peakin and youll be on another planet!

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