Awww fuck, is my neighbor killing her husband?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Alexyonfire!, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. kso.
    i was just up in the barn, smoking out of my new bong, and im pretty fucking baked. i live out in the country, so its not urban at all. So i have my laptop running music, and im taking another bong hit, suddenly i heard a very high pitched femal voice scream "FUCK","FUCK",FUCK" over and over again.
    I finished the hit, and got my laptop and weed and bootfucked'er back down to the house. Like a min after i got in the house it stopped.

    Going back out to smoke gonna be sketchy as fuck.
  2. Probably kicked the couch with their toe

    hurts like a bitch
  3. or when you mis a doorway and stub your toe, i ussualy say fuck a good 20 fucking times before i feel ive expressed myself with the word fuck sufficently.
  4. yeah but the person was outside.
  5. no shoes and a rock =]
  6. you're high and paranoid....go over during the day tomorrow after they get off of work to make sure they are both alive...ask for some sugar or something;)
  7. exactly my point, statistically most homocides are commited at 2:50, that means 10 minutes to get the body outside and in the rush she wasnt wearing shoes and she stubbed her toe on a rock.
  8. lol, why the fuck would i want sugar, i dont even care.

    I just dont want to get serial-murdered when i go smoke this nice other bowl.
  9. loud sex?
  10. Heh.. I was outside smoking and as I was walking in I heard a high pitched voice which sounded like the cross of a cat/baby girl saying "HELP MEEE" I ran in my house so fuckin fast.
  11. She probably orgasmed.

    So, here is the question you should've seen coming: is she hot? :D
  12. yeah i don't think that is enough to say shes being killed lol. She prolly hurt herself or was in extreme extacy, least that is what it sounds like to me.

    Maybe we are both just high...
  13. shes 88.
    he's like 70.

    EDIT: No shes 88, not hot.

  14. well shit man, old people still get down....they were probably just bangin or some shit :confused:
  15. Lmao. When I read it at first that was my assumption as well.
    Hey I guess the old man could be popping viagra?
  16. i dont even want to think about that.

    They have grandkidds in there house.

    go away evilll mind pictures.
  17. maybe she was just pissed cause shes so old
  18. some people scream at orgasim
  19. well shes dead now soo forget about it and smoke your other
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