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awww DAYUMM!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. had the big weekend alont planned with einahpets

    and RARLAJHVONARETHJBNOOOOGGGAAA comes the period monster...

    oh well..im still gonna have a good time just bein alone with her:)
  2. haha oh man!! sorry bud, but youll still have a good time.

    so how do you pronounce that name of hers? everytime i see it at first glance, i think you mispelled elephant....
  3. just think about my nickname, and what you recently realized about it :p

  4. stephanie backwards!!!!!!
  5. hahahah, you tricky dratsab

  6. LOL.....wait, that doesnt work with this word......

  7. :p yeah that monster comes around here twice a month! lol
  8. man thats gotta suck..bad...

    i thought when females spent some sort of time together their hormones and pheremones made their period come around the same time...or i am a neive male that believes everything about the female body that he reads?
  9. Your nieve. ;) Who cares about the period? Just slap a rubber on and go to town....in the shower. I don't let a little blood get in the way of sex.

    And don't forget, she has 2 other orfices too.;)

  10. i just dont know what to think about this....

  11. its always been my experience that this is true, thought it was a fact even. norm maybe i read the same stuff as you :)
    an blazin, that is funny,....true, but funny

  12. no norm!! youre VERY right :) it just takes spending that time together!

  13. Sorry, I know its been quoted twice already.... but...

    LOL. I can't stop laughing! LOL! Help, I need air..... ok... I am good.
  14. well... we were gonna go out to my buddys house and watch some movies and chill out and stuff, but when we get there he has no tv...both of his got jacked, and i KNOW who did it.....needless to say, someone IS getting their face stomped in.period.......no pun intended

    so yeah, anyway, three hours of grinding, making out, and playing with ice wasnt really all that bad, we just had quality time together...it was nice

    but that warm wet beaver was so enticing.........she wanted it sooo bad and so did i ...rarrgh....

    i suggested the shower thing, but she never said yay or nay, so we made out for another 2 hours.

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