aww shit. almost arrested.

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  1. so me and my friends were going to toke. we meet up and turns out my dudes dealer is out of town. mine are on the other side of town. and my other bros isnt answering the phone. so we go to the park, gotta be someone.
    we sit there for a minute and see a guy sitting on the stairs, looks like hes sellin. my friend goes up and gives him 5 for a nic. we get the nic and he tells us about this sick spot a block away. we go there its a roof. we are like "yo isnt this someones house?" hes like "nah man abandoned." so whatever we toke and when we are almost finished we see someone at the window. so we put out the joint and run. we go to the other park 2 blocks away.
    we chill and some cops come. i say "shit cops lets dip" so we walk away. i turn around "shit cop car man, run." we run and the cop starts sirens. my friend runs about 2 miles home. we stay. its just the 3 of us. he points at me and my friend and says "YOU TWO STAY! you can go." so my other friend gets to leave. so blah blah blah he talks to us and tells us how hes not going to arrest us :D and hes not going to tell our parents :D but we are on the record. and next time we get caught we are getting arrested :( but whatever. it was a fun talk, we got him to say fuck. so we leave, we find our friend. and we smoke some more :smoke:
    yea i know boring story and shit but whatever its my first time getting caught by cops and i havent ever posted anything. so i gave it a try.
  2. Why the he'll did u run. You got extremely lucky.
  3. whyd u run? 2 dudes at a park: not suspicious

    2 dudes hauling ass outta the park after seein the police: suspicious

  4. Wow, craziness, I almost got arrested today too.
    I smoked a couple blunts with some friends in the parking lot of a movie theater before we saw the movie. So we end up losing track of time getting stoned and all, and missed the movie schedule. I'm starting to have the wicked munchies, so I head over to Micky D's and on the way there get stopped for running a red light(after it changed from yellow). I had crazy stoner eyes, and the car really smelled like weed. But the officer (pretty chill dude) gave me a warning since I had a clean record (and in Ma they recently passed a bill that doesn't give officers the right to order you out and search your car under suspicion of smell alone). Avoided possible DUI...Looked like we really lucked out
  5. Crazy story!

    Haha one time me and my friends went to this school at night and got blazed (dumb idea I know haha) when all of a sudden this cop shows up.
    He goes "freeze!" and we were so stoned we started walking slowly away. The cop got furious and questioned us. He took down our names. We got a warning. I had a pipe & an eighth in my pocket! I was freaking.
    Lol anywayss

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