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aww f*k me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toking noob, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. So I'm decided to try weed for the first time. I talked to this chick that I know who smokes. She would get me some but for a crazy price. I live in south Texas. And the prices are usually about 5 bucks for a dime bag. She was wanting like 20 bucks. So I talked to a old friend that I used to hang with until we went separate ways. He was going to his dealer and said he would buy for me to. So I paid him 30 upfront and I was supposed to go pick up my half ounce yesterday. Except some stuff came up. So I called him about 4 hours before the meet and he didn't pick up. So I left a message. He didn't show up for class today. Do yall think I just got ripped off or what? If I do talk to him, I might try to get him to bring it to class. How do you get away with buying dope at school?
  2. complete fail...
  3. It's not dope.

    You probably got jacked, always pay when you get the bud.
  4. Yes indeed f*k you.

    How to buy weed at school? Just ask your guidance couselor. They always know what's good. :smoke:
  5. I've done it. Just meet up in the bathroom, and put it somewhere that no one would expect. Like, if you don't use your PSP for example (if you have one), then take out the battery, and just put your weed in it. But lol I just realized you said half ounce, but yeah. Bring an extra bag to mask the smell, and something to hide it in like some handheld gaming case.
    Been there done that. But yo, it's better to buy outside of school, but do what you gotta do.
  6. I'm going to have to make a list of things not to do.
    1. never front money
    2.see bud before purchase
    3. never front money
  7. yea op, your not getting any money or weed, gather your losses right now.

  8. Thirty bucks for a half ounce...I don't think he's going to have that much of a smell problem :) :smoke:
  9. Haha sounds like he'll come up with a story when he returns bout how he was held at gun point. Get prepared to hear a storrrry. Never front to no one unless you know there for real, which can be hard.
  10. If dime bags normally cost $5... guess what. They are not dime bags. Dime bags cost $10, no matter how much is in them, no matter where you are. The name dime bag means a bag worth $10.

    Also, for $30 a half o, I wouldn`t even bother smoking stuff of that quality. But thats just me.

  11. Well I don't know the prices in Texas but I would assume that because of its close proximity to Mexico they get Mexican brickweed there for cheap. It can't be that bad.

  12. We do get a lot of "imports". So the prices are rly low.

  13. What happened to bro code? Like seriously. I figured I could front with him and me being tight n all that. Guess I was wrong. But if he shows up 2moro with half an ounce I will shit a turkey.

  14. Damn. I'm jealous of you. With prices that low, I wouldn't even sweat getting the possibility of getting ripped off. Maybe it would be the principle of it, but still. For a hundred bucks you could have a garbage bag of that shit.
  15. I dunno about you OP, but I wouldn't let somone steal my money. Its not like you're never gonna see him again.
    If he doesn't come thru, make him pay. Be creative

  16. I know how this is going to sounds. But I actually think he may still come through. If he doesn't il just kick his ass. No big deal. I didn't really lose much cash.
  17. Yeah maybe he couldnt get it so hes avoiding you(childish move but ppl do stuff like that sometimes)
    And you're right, not much cash to fuss over

  18. I see what you did there...:rolleyes:
  19. dealing at school is a great idea. When you are inside a public building like a school no one is allowed to search you or even question you about illegal drugs. that's y drug dealers move so much product in schools, cause its so easy to. usually the teachers will allow you to take some time out from class and go smoke up somewhere. be sure to label your bags of weed "WEED" or "ILLEGAL DRUGS" otherwise they might think its something else and take it and call the cops.
  20. OP that chick probably had legit bud if it was actually $20/g, instead, you paid for some mexican schwag that you're never going to see.

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