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aww empty sack

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kaos, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Oh yes don't you love it when you have no more weed left and can't find a hookup anywhere and you are craving the herb...for example tonight, couldnt find a hookup and didn't smoke today..been driving me insane! I realized without bud im hyper as hell and have trouble sleeping, not to mention irritable and BORED! Man I wish I had a bowl right now..anyways the main question I have here:

    What do all of you do when you have no weed?
    What helps to ease the craving..for YOU?
  2. 1) What do all of you do when you have no weed?

    I luckily live in an area where it seems everyone produces ganja, so if I ever ran out I would probably just pick up the phone, reach out and pay someone I guess.

    2) What helps to ease the craving..for YOU?

    Self-control dude, my family always comes first.
  3. When I run out.. I do the same things as when I had it. Chill. Watch tv. Play on the computer..
    Never really had cravings. The worst thing about not smoking, to me, is I get bored easily.
  4. I think i use it as a self medicator too for my anxiety..because without it for a day im just not myself. Anyways today was a nice smoked out by a chick, a friend, and i got some keef and loaded some bowls with that. Its 10:08 pm right now, first smoked at 3:30. I'll probably have a small bowl of keef soon then go to bed around 12-2
  5. well...............first of all you should try having a couple of beers.......... and if that doesn't work , don't stress on not getting'll always come your way the next day (if your truly a "POT HEAD"). Or you might wanna try smoking a stoge to relieve some of the tention you feel..............that always seem to help me........
  6. my advice like he said first have a couple beer but if that doesnt work have a few more... beer never hurt no one haha
  7. same thing happened to me a few days ago..sucked ass, i tried for like 4 hours to get to sleep and couldent, worst craving i ever had...didnt have any the next day either, i just tried to drink a lot to pass out but i didnt... but then i got some bud and i was all right..=)
  8. I was like that for a long time... so just try and keep busy and scrape that bowl! But when i got some weed i got tons of fucking weed and have been baked for a couple of weeks now! Feel your pain man.
  9. I smoked all my shit last night thinking that I could go a few days without weed. Sure enough when I awoke I was jones`in like a mother fucka so i just scraped some old ghettos and my glass peices for resin, when i was done I had like a gram pile of I busted out tha ol' bong and i got pretty stoned indeed.

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