Awsome bubbler attachment for incredibowl m420

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    I just ordered this awsome one of a kind bubbler attachment for the incredibowl m420 from incredibowl industries. This thing is great hits like a champ. I fell in love with it after the first hit. Well I would like to show you's how it looks tell me what you think.

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  2. How much was the bubbler attachment ?
  3. It was 80 there is one more but different one on there website yet they were made by errl riggz for incredibowl industries. They were selling two prototype bubbler attachments there one of a kind and man it's a beast you just take the top of the expansion chamber on the m 420 and put it on the bubbler
  4. Nice . Will have to get one when I get an m420
  5. Yea but there is only one left they only made two they were prototypes so I don't know when more will be available . It's absolutely a good investment you can't go wrong the incredibowl was smooth on it's own but this is smooth as shit you won't caught ever. Website check out the other one.
  6. for the money spent on the incredibowl and the attachment, you could get a really nice scientific bubbler. Just my .02.

  7. but with this you get the best dry pipe and a sweet bub!
  8. On amazon the m420 is $50 with shipping
  9. Yea Amazon is wear I bought my i420 for 85 bucks a couple months ago they have a couple good deals for the incredibowl on Amazon. 50 bucks is a good price for the m420 that's almost the cheapest I ever saw it you should buy it for that price you can't go wrong
  10. Where did you buy the bubbler attachment? Looking everywhere online. Post the link please.
  11. They are prototype bubblers from incredibowl industries made by errl riggz it's the first bubbler attachments incredibowl sold there was only two since they one of a kind prototype there is one more left a look different then mine one there website it's hurry there is only one there.
  12. I got the second one hellz ya!!! I can't wait to try it out!!
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    Sweet man how does it feel to know that you are the second person to buy a bubbler from incredibowl. And that there is no more for sale and don't know when they will. Bubbler works pretty Dam good has awsome pull and no lag tell me how you like it when you get it. I have the blue i420 and m420 it was cool that the bubbler attachment had blue art work on the side pretty sick. You will be happy when you get it. It took me forever to find one of these thank God we did and there made by errl riggz witch is awsome:wave:
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    Did you get the bubbler in the mail yet. Tell me how you like it I think you will fall in love your first hit. Be sure post a pick and a milk vid to.
  15. Na not yet, it's been shipped though and ya for sure will let ya know I have a bunch of attachments already for m420/i420 but I think I'm most excited about the bubbler!!

  16. Yea me to I have every attachment for the i420 and the m420 but I do say the bubbler for the m420 is in a league of it's own my bubbler I bought had a showerhead down stem so yours will probably to. It rips pretty dam good every body that seen and used it were.amazed and asked.were they can buy one but they can't I say there one of a kind and only two of us had the pleasure of buying one. And they both maze by errl riigz witch is pretty cool.
  17. So, since the last of the prototype m420 bubbled bases are sold...the only two on sale... do you have any idea when there might be some more for sale? Or when more are going to be made available? They look awesome, and I even saw a round base one somebody did a review on, and a lot of people are going to want the bubbs. The reviewer said its sound was "chirping like a VW Beatle."

    Any info or a date of when more would be up for sale would be awesome. Espesially that sexy blue one with the workings.

  18. Bro did you get your bubbler yet in the mail I am dieing to see how you like it. Make sure you to update me about the bubbler attachment I hope you like it I fell in love wit mine.

  19. Yea there pretty dam sweet pull is fantastic. Well any way I don't really know when there will be more for sale since they were prototypes made by errl riggz . You can always email incredibowl industries they would be gladdly help you with whatever you need Mitch and kyle from incredibowl industries are pretty nice people and try give the best experience to there customers. If you can't get ahold of them just hit me up again and I will try to shoot them a email. I hope you get what you need bro the email is is yea just try to give them a email. Good luck bro hope you get what you need.

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